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Bardic Arts

For Antonio
Catherine de Gray
August 23, 2004 (A.S. XXXIX)

When honor speaks, it fills the heart of all
Who, hearing, take the words into their heart.
The voice of courtesy rings through the hall
And each one strives yet more to do their part.
This man is known for speaking words of praise,
For making merry with a clever jest,
For urging all to fight with honor that day;
These are the speeches for which we know him best.
Such inspiration comes from wisdom's mouth,
A man of learning, poetry and wit,
Though humbly he protests he is but a clown
Yet all know well the honor that he merits.
Antonio, the King asked this of His Bard
To compose for you a token of His regard.

"For Barone Antonio Giordano da Sicilia, at the request of His Majesty Uther, for so inspiring the populace with his words and speeches." -- Catherine de Gray

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