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Bardic Arts

For Alden and Constantina, The Heirs

Catherine de Gray
October 17, 2004 (A.S. XXXIX)

The autumn sun in all its glory shines
As warriors meet upon the tourney field.
In a place where honor is the greatest prize
The fighters join a dance of sword and shield.
One noble knight stands forth above the rest
Great Wolverton, the once and future king.
To win his place, all others he did best
And to his consort honor did he bring.
By his side, his lady fair and true
Constantina, bearer of his love.
Together in this Kingdom they will rule
The Western sun shall bless them from above.
     Sing praises to them, our new Western heirs
     As blessings rain upon this noble pair.

"Written for the new Heirs, Alden and Constantina, at October Crown A.S. 39. A bit of a joke as the "Western sun" was hiding behind the clouds Sunday morning and the "rain" of "blessings" was imminent!" -- Catherine de Gray

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