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Bardic Arts

Council To The Crown
Catherine de Gray
February 5, 2004 (A.S. XXXVIII)

To you who would be Kings and Queens
Of this our glorious land
And bid me give you council
Ere before the thrones youíd stand
Iíll gladly give my thoughts to you
Though no title or rank I hold
For I am a loyal subject
Of the Western green and gold

Listen to your people and
Take heed of what they say
For decisions you will make
Have repercussions every day
Keep those by you as you can trust
True friends will keep you true
Let yourself be guided by
These counselors to you

Take pleasure in all your landís events
Whether great or small
From the very smallest shire
To the loftiest baronís hall
Practice art and science
Share your knowledge and your skill
Be a shining example and
Your people will be as well

Do not forget the children
For in them our future lies
Speak to them with kindness
And see promise in their eyes
Conduct yourself with courtesy
With honour and with grace
For true chivalry has lustre
That no rumour can erase

And lastly now, I pray you
Stay humble in your rank
Remember your beginnings
And whomever you should thank
Reward your people as you may
From mighty to the meek
And most of all remember this
You rule because they believe.

"Written for the Bard of the West Competition, May, 2004." -- Catherine de Grey

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