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Bardic Arts

Sonnet for a Warrior
Branwen ferch Emrys

Are well-turned leg and gentle speech enough?
Will blood-stained mail turn love's own fickle heart
From velvet cuff and courtier's starched ruff?
Can knightly fire outshine more courtly art?

My hands shine red yet do not hold a rose.
Each gift to you flows blood-red from my heart,
A many-petalled jewel to soften woes,
Give succor, promise hope, yet stand apart.

While winter winds cut fierce yet promise spring,
My biting blade doth scorn such treachery.
An act begun, unfinished, cannot bring
The joy of conquered pain and loyalty.

Lady, guide my heart and blood and blade.
Instead of velvet, take my heart in trade.

My friend, Sir Michael St. Sever, claims that I never write any nice poems about him. Taking that as a challenge, I wrote this poem in an attempt to write a nice poem about him. Instead, it seems to fit Sir Wiglaf Wilfriding much better. -- Branwen

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