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Bardic Arts

Branwen ferch Emrys

I looked upon the blue rose field
to watch the warriors fight.
Richard so brave, and Parlan strong,
all shone an awesome sight.

But on the field near forty strong
I missed a fiercesome face.
I could not see fair Rowan,
the Capricious, full of grace.

I spied her soon in tunic brown,
in apron 'stead of mail,
yet wielding still a silver blade
'gainst asparagus and kale.

A mighty army did she lead,
with bloody blades and hands.
They conquered pork and chicken wings
instead of kingdom lands.

So as the day draws down to dusk,
the fighters limp inside,
to nurse a bruise, a shoulder sore,
the welts upon their hide.

Then Rowan and her army strong,
their carnage cooked to feast,
invite the sore to take a blade
and conquer their roast beast.

I wrote this at the White Shield tournament and feast. I thought I would point out that tournaments aren't necessarily the most important, or most appreciated, part of an event. -- Branwen

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