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Bardic Arts

Branwen ferch Emrys

Hwaet! We have heardof heroes brave
fierce in fightingfraught with war-spirit.
The strongest of mencall the Mists their home.
Strongest of thesethane and prince
bear-man warriorBraun of the Mists
protects the mist-landwith His princess Eliza.
Braun called for a feastfor fairest Eliza
called for his shield-knightshis cooks and his minstrels
all ladies fairand ladies fairer
though none are fairerthan fairest Eliza.
The Princess's guardiansher pavilion raised
blue pennants flying.The populace travelled
sought foods and feastingand flowers garlanded.
The nobles gatheredgarbed in riches
barons and baronessesbrightly jewel-gleamed
all come to honorcomely Mist-rulers.
The first day of feastfed by Gwenhllian
the wooden food-tablesin the white pavilion
heavy with gamewith gold bread and cheese
groaned and creakedand glowed with plenty.
Fionn poured his honey-meadpassed the ale cups
toasted the princeand talked of beauty.
Wiglaf and Woodsendewaged a game-contest
the mightier manwould maintain a feast-chair
held above his headhigh and long.
Wiglaf won.Then Wander sang
of glory and goodnessgreat deeds of tourney-knights
songs of battlebrave fighting men.
The feasting slowedand sleep came to all
in the white pavilionthe populace rested.
Then Grendel came.A great roaring monster
foul and fiend-facedall feared his hate-call.
Brave war-baron wokeWilhelm purple-garbed
grabbed sword and shield-guard to save his baroness.
Grendel tore the sheet-wallsheared the pavilion
roared in the doorwaydowned the mist-wall.
The princess's guardiansgrouped in a war-shape
sought to succortheir sweet Eliza.
Grendel grabbed Megangulped her head off
swallowed her fingersnext finished her bones.
Wilhelm war-baronbright fighting-stick swinging
fought the foul monsterfright-visaged demon
his sword-cuts useless.Savagely Grendel
swung his sharp handssword-fingers cutting
Wilhelm's grey head gone.Grendel left the pavilion
unhurt and heart-happyhis hunger gone.
Great grew the groaningthe grief and heart-cries
as Braun and Elizablinded by tears
grieved for their lost onesthat Grendel devoured.
The second feast dayscared mist-dwellers
frightened by fiend-hatefled to their shires.
Prince Braun and Elizaproud but heart-weary
mourned their lost subjectsstayed at the feasting-place.
Bravely they feastedfed by Gwenhllian
Fionn filled the mead-cupsfew nobles remained.
Brave Beowulfricbaker renowned
stayed with his princestrong mist-dweller.
Braun and his brave knightsBeowulfric as well
slept in the white pavilionsettled for night.
Eliza the princessproud but not stupid
slept in a guest tentsurrounded by ladies.
Cynthia slept thereand Suzanne de Veleson
with beautiful hatshanging beside them
and Lady Donatadreaming of Beowulfric
strong-fingered bread-kneaderbedded beside them.
Deep in the darknessdemon-Grendel howled.
Beowulfric the bread-kneaderbread-baker sleeping
woke to the wailingin the white pavilion.
War-knights awakenedweary and grief-filled
grabbed for their sword-sticksas Grendel approached.
Blond-maned Theophilousthane of the Mist-prince
hefted his war-axhewed at the monster.
Grendel demon-spawngrimed and foul
slimy of furfanged and clawed
no war-ax sharpnor smith-wrought blade
his fury-strong furcould fray or maim.
Theophilous strong-armswung his ax-blade
but deadly Grendeldined on his head.
Braun's strong fighterssmith-blades wielding
cut at the hell-fiendhacked with their swords
but the claw-monstercut them savagely
poured a blood-poolfrom painful cuts.
Brave Beowulfricbaker heroic
soon stood alonenear slain death-piles
no sword in his handsstrong bread-kneaders
while sharp-clawed Grendelgrabbed for his head.
Brave Beowulfricbread-crafter renowned
caught Grendel's claw-handcarver of war-thanes
held with his bread-handsthe hand of a demon.
Though Grendel growledhis grip held firm
Beowulfric bread-kneaderbroke off Grendel's arm.
The savage hell-monsterscreamed in his terror
dealt his death-blowdamned to torment
his rich death-bloodred life-pool
covered the war-knightshis wound of death.
The night-fiend dyingfled to the darkness.
Handsome Beowulfrichung the fiend-arm
red drops poolingon the pavilion white.
Braun and Elizaand everyone rejoiced
drank from mead-cupscalled out praise.
Braun the bear-princeBeowulfric's thane
called his jewellersGeoffrey Matthias
and Hirsch the handcrafterhailed them close.
Soon their treasuretoiled over
laurel-brightened golda gift of honor
Prince Braun heldBeowulfric called forth
praised the heroprince-worthy words.
Spoke Prince Braunbear-like warrior,
"Brave Beowulfricbaker heroic
I honor your greatnessgive you this gift."
Held in his paw-handshandsome and bright
a miniature monster armmounted on gold.
Spoke Prince Braunto Beowulfric his thane,
"You have our thanksyoung bread-warrior.
We give you this giftgrant you this arm."
Brave Beowulfricbaker heroic
feasted with honey-meadfamous warrior.

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