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Bardic Arts

West-An Tir War Terza Rima

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
July, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

King Alden, Mars in human form does ride
Upon his warhorse to the battlefield
An Tir's bane, leader of the Western tide

Western hammer forcing his foe to yield
Fierce bringer of death for the raven's feast
Western warriors pikes and swords do wield

Hard-fought battles against this titan beast
Matching our pikes and swords, this savage foe
Does charge our line, our shields creased

By thunderous cracks and dolorous blows
Ermine, Spartans, Angels, hold and counter
Alden, decisive, art of war well knows

Rallies Western forces to his banner
Leader from the front, vaunted Western king
Assaulting castle walls with fierce fervor

Swooping down upon the foe, swords do ring
Hammers beat, the bow is plucked and spears
Do pierce the lion's heart and arrows sing

Western hearts aflame, courage and no fear
For Alden and the Western host give cheer

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