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Bardic Arts

Though She Be Far Away

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
December, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

When the sun shines upon my humble brow,
It shines upon my love from far away,
Shine light and love, caressing her with warmth,
This same sun in the sky that lights my day,
For when I stand beneath this fiery orb,
I know that this common sun lights her way,
We share this sun, though she be far away.

Rain soaks my path and falls upon my face,
It falls upon my love from far away,
Raindrops dance upon her gardenís flowers,
Watering her lilies and roses gay,
Raindrops fall like tears, heaven mourns my grief,
As I ride beneath clouds of black and gray,
The rain is ours, though she be far away.

The icy cold does chill me to my very soul,
Must it chill my love from far away,
The cold does make rose petals die and fall,
Frost chills lily and rose to her dismay,
Ice clings to my cloak and hangs on my beard,
I long for her, my heart will not betray,
I burn for her, though she be far away.

The winds grow warm, fragrant breezes herald spring,
They sing to her though she be far away,
This same spring breeze, scented with blossoms new,
Filling me with thoughts of by gone days,
This breeze kisses my love, oh blessed spring,
As I think of her in my own mindís gaze,
She is my heart, though she be far away.

"A Lament to Honor the memory of Jaufre Rudel" -- Antonio Giordano da Sicilia

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