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Bardic Arts

Queen Courtesy and the Land of the Virtues

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
Beltane Coronation (May), 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

Once upon a time, long ago in the land of Virtues, King Courage sought to take a bride. Looking far and wide, King Courage decided to marry Courtesy and take her for his queen as Courtesy made him a better virtue when he was in her presence. Courtesy tempered Courage making King Courage even more majestic. When Queen Courtesy was presented to His subjects, Prudence was the first to realize that Courtesy made every virtue better and in time, each of the virtues came to love Courtesy with all their heart as Courtesy always enhanced the other virtues with her embrace. The wisdom of Prudence shined brighter in the presence of Courtesy. Faith and Hope were Stronger with Courtesy in their midst. Prince Valor, the younger brother of King Courage, so loved his new sister Courtesy that she was like another mother to him as she was able to nurture him and make him even grander in Her presence. Franchise, Fortitude and Temperance became even more noble in the presence of Courtesy. Mercy, Charity and Largess became even more powerful with Courtesy in their ranks. All was well in the land of Virtues, but as is the case in this world of trials and tribulations, not all would remain happy in the land of Virtues.

One day, Courage realized that His queen was no longer at His side for he had lost touch with Courtesy over the Centuries as he became fixed on modern engines of war that could fire many times and at great distance and the creation of terrible bombs that destroyed cities and killed warriors as well as women and children. The world became so modern that even Courage questioned his place in it as he had been replaced by a simple pull of a trigger or the pressing of a button. Prince Valor felt as though he was lost and Prudence was aimless without Courtesy. Faith and Hope became weakened without Courtesy and the other virtues likewise lost their place and purpose in the modern world. Realizing the depth of this tragedy, Courage, Valor and Prudence searched high and low for Courtesy, but they could not find their queen. In utter despair, King Courage dropped to his knees and with tears springing from his eyes, he solemnly prayed for Courtesy’s return and in the instant of this most sincere wish, Courtesy re-appeared at his side. King Courage looked into the eyes of his queen and embraced her and each of the Virtues took there place around them and embraced her in turn. “I tried to find you everywhere, but I could not find you,” exclaimed Courage who choked back his tears, “but when I wished for you, you appeared before me.” Courtesy broke her silence and admonished her king, “when you lost interest in me, I disappeared for Courtesy must be sustained and treasured or I will vanish, but all you must do is wish for me with a sincere heart and I will be at your side.”

King Courage was well pleased to have his queen at his side and the other Virtues were filled with joy at the return of Queen Courtesy. From that day until today, all of the Virtues treasured Courtesy as she made each of them better and that it was up to them to sustain her lest they lose Courtesy. So is written this lesson… that if you would have Courtesy, you must sincerely wish for Courtesy, but to sustain Courtesy, you must treasure Courtesy in your heart and honor Courtesy with your every action each and every day of your life.

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