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Bardic Arts

Invocation, March Crown

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
March, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)

I speak in the first person as death who welcomes the fighters and reminds them that they are allowed to die twice and then they are out of the tournament because they are mine; as death, I claim them because they are dead... that they all seek to achieve victory and with honorable victory comes immortality, for their exploits live beyond their years and their renown will be remembered and recounted forevermore.  That being said, I will admonish them that there are times in life when if they are not careful, they might be overcome with desire and it would be a mistake to want the victory too much... even if they want victory to make their consort queen... for as an  honorable victory brings renown and immortality, a dishonorable victory brings shame, ignomy, disrepute and infamy... better you had never lifted a sword honorably than one who perjures their good name with dishonor.

Version 2:

I am death and I claim each one of you… all of you but one.
Upon this field, I give each of you two lives;
When you are struck down, you are mine, but one of you will be immortal.
One of you will be the victor of this tournament
And your renown will live on beyond your years.
In your time, you will become King of the West
Your glory will be remembered for all time
And you will live forever in the stories of your people.

The opportunity for immortality and glory is seductive
And the temptation to achieve victory by less than honorable means is always present
Even if the motive for this temptation appears to be noble
Even if your consort truly deserves the opportunity to serve as Queen of this realm
Better that you lived a hundred years and never took the field,
Better that your hand had never touched a sword..
If you achieve victory and the Crown through dishonor
Yours will be shame, ignominy, disrepute and infamy.

Even though the glory of victory is immortal,
Infamy will be remembered even longer still.
There is no victory without honor;
Your honor and renown is in your hands.

I am death and I claim each one of you… all of you but one.

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