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Bardic Arts

For Helga, the West Kingdom’s First Equestrian Champion

Antonio Giordano da Sicilia
12th Night Coronation (January), 2010 (A.S. XLIV)

Allah took in hand a gust of south wind,
Upon the wind, he blessed it with His breath.
Grace, beauty, spirit and fire were thus wed,
Great Allah created the noble horse.

If anything more splendid was ‘er wrought,
They say that Allah kept it to himself.
Heaven’s wind blows between your regal ears,
Blessing the rider with freedom and strength.

The horse lends the rider the wings we lack,
We but borrow their speed, strength and freedom.
And while upon the horse we fly like the wind,
The wise rider recalls it’s but a loan.

There’s more to riding than keeping the horse,
Between the rider and the earth below.
A clear mind, alert and understanding,
Strong legs, keen eye, a gentle hand and soul.

Able riders ask, they do not demand,
Riding rests in the heart and not the will.
A horseman knows neither fear nor anger
Partners in flight, horse and rider are one.

Such a rider represents this kingdom,
Gentle by nature and strong of spirit.
Representing the West Kingdom with grace
Equestrian Champion without peer.

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