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Bardic Arts

Vittoria's Procession

Presented to the History Site by Alys Sheffield
(See notes below)
January, 2011 (A.S. XLV)

Ecce prudens styrpe cluens dives cum potentia In vestitu deaurato conjunx adest regia
(Behold the wise woman, well-born, rich and powerful, beautifully dressed in golden raiment; the royal consort is here!)

Laetis ergo haec virago comitetur plausibus Cordis orisque sonoris personetur vocibus
(With joy, therefore, let this mighty woman be accompanied with applause and let the sound of strings and singing resound with your voices.)

(To download this, right click on the file in your browser, select the option with wording like "Save Link As..."; to play it click the link, and a new browser window will open, with the ability to listen to the song ...).

"The piece is the 13th C. Procession from the Ludus Danielis (The Play of Daniel).
It was sung by the Treblemakers and friends (looking at the pictures on FB, I'd say me, Juliana of Tregony, Constance of Lincolnshire, Gillian Trenowyth, Aasa Torvaldsdotter, Linnet of Beaumaris, Bella Caterina Malatesta, Agnes de Sainte Claire, and Colin MacLear) at Fall Investiture, 2010. The recording is from 12th Night, 2011, with mostly the same people." -- Alys Sheffield

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