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Bardic Arts


Alys Sheffield
September, 2010 (A.S. XLV)

He strides with Courage bold across the field with
Virtue's favor pinned close to his heart.
His Honor is the weapon he will wield.

And Prowess is but only one small part,
of Virtues pure by which he lives his life.
They rule his days from morning's early start.

With Mercy he may interfere in strife,
defending all who crave a helping hand.
His Charity is balm when need is rife.

His Faith and Valor do his troops command.
Who follows him who leads with such rapport,
for such an army none could dare withstand.

Both Honesty and Truth are n'er a chore.
At table, put his Courtesy to test,
these virtues plied in peace time as in war.

With Franchise he embodies all the rest.
These virtues pure he cradles to his breast.

"This is a terza rima poem for the 'piece in a period style' category of the competition." -- Alys Sheffield

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