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Bardic Arts

Song for Gillian

Alys Sheffield, Juliana of Tregony, and Constance of Lincolnshire
April, 2010 (A.S. XLIV)

     Gillian, Gillian, Pride of the Mistlands
     Your grace and your beauty inspire us all
     Your laughter a beacon to guide us from darkness
     Your voice like a siren, we answer your call.

Perusing the market, she met a grand fellow
Intrigued, she began to inquire
And discovered a world she had never suspected
Where “John” became Leohtulf, the Red Viscount’s squire.


She took to this new world without reservation,
No skill was too hard to attain
A seamstress, a herald, a bard, and a courtier,
She mastered them quickly, without being vain.


Renowned as a hostess, she welcomes all travellers
Her virtue a gift to inspire
She serves where she’s needed with nary a murmur
Her courteous graciousness we all admire


Her valorous escort became prince and viscount
Her champion called as a knight
And she herself honored as pel’can and bar’ness
Three hearts and three arrows in union take flight


As winter began, she was crowned our fair Princess
She stands with the Prince hand in hand
The wolf from the forest, the dolphin the ocean,
together; a seawolf defends the Mists land


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