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Bardic Arts


Alys Sheffield
October, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

     Roses of red, and roses of black
     Their consorts do meet in a three-pronged attack
     Two bulls, a gryphon contend for the right
     of bestowing a circlet of roses so white

Sir Conall he came from the land of CAID
He followed his heart to the Mists
For Erzsebeta he'll give all he has
With sword or with shield or fist

     Roses of red ... (Chorus)

Sir Roric, a knight from the line of our King
He fights for Syele the bard
He once held the Mists in the palm of his hand
He's strong like the bulls in his charge

     Roses of red ... (Chorus)

And here at the tourney they meet with a clash
'Neath blue sky and grass of bright green
Sir Conall fell first, then they both struck as one,
The third fight gave Roric his dream

     Roses of red ... (Chorus)

"For Finals, Mists Fall Coronet (2008)." -- Alys Sheffield

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