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Bardic Arts

Invoking the Dream

(to the tune of Fuggi, fuggi, fuggi da questo cielo written by Giuseppino)
Alys Sheffield
September, 2009 (A.S. XLIV)

Early in the morning, cards in hand
Come to fight for this western land
Sharpen up your sword for the day's demand
Ensure the lists are duly manned
Duke or viscount, knight or squire
Honor to those who do inspire you
Gather for the tourney
However far your journey
Line up with your brethren, take a stand
Win the kingdom; rule this land

After Invocation, time to fight
Show your prowess, show your might
Never hit too heavy, nor too light
Let your chivalry shine out bright
Charms and spells please leave behind
Let the words said here remind you
More than mere survival,
Honor all you rival
If your inspiration is true delight
Take the crown; it is yours by right

If this western kingdom you can claim
All the lands will know your fame
Lead us into battle without shame
Victory soon we will proclaim
Remember who brought you so far
The one you crowned shines like a star
Love her beyond duty
Your Queen of grace and beauty
Poets, bards, and heralds do declaim
All you do reflects her name

"Mists Bardic Competition (2009), 'Piece in a Period Style' category." -- Alys Sheffield

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