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Bardic Arts

Black Feathers

Alys Sheffield
September, 2010 (A.S. XLV)

The time to fight will soon draw nigh
So grab your weapons, raise banners high
The Mists will triumph; the Swan will die
We'll scatter the feathers across the sky
Black feathers will fall from the sky

We follow our Prince and our Princess to war
'Gainst Cynagua, that black-feathered foe
They push at our borders, attempting our doors
Now they finally will reap what they sow
No matter what allies they call to their side
If they follow the Swan they should know
Our warriors valiant, no quarter will give
And we'll send them to Hades below


We'll meet on the field with a mighty war cry
For our victory has been foretold
When the Mists go to battle, we cannot be stopped
Nor persuaded with rubies or gold
The black swan has fighters, but none are our match
They'll leave widows and kin unconsoled
We'll slaughter their forces wherever they stand
Those who live will flee into the cold


Now charge up your glasses, and raise them up high
For by this time tomorrow, we'll feast
We'll sit on fine pillows of black-feathered down
With covers of blue and white fleece.
So sharpen your weapons, be ready for war
Those who fight us will soon need a priest
We'll roast up the carcass, and soon we'll all know
If Swan tastes more like chicken, or beast.


"Mists Bardic Competition (2010), 'Bards Choice' category of the competition: the topic was War." -- Alys Sheffield

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