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Bardic Arts

An Equestrian Sonnet

Alison Gray of Owlwood
November 15, 2005 (A.S. XL)

Fly, horseman
On steel-shod wings
Colors, mane, and tail afloat
Sunlight sparkles on silver bits and spurs
Well-loved leather glows

Hooves dancing
On tourney field
Drumbeats on hard-packed ground
While trumpets blare and heralds shout
Patient rider waits

A challenge
Helm crest secure
Horse and rider work as one
Reins and hooves and swords dance on
Until a crest falls

Lance ready
Aim straight and true
The crash resounds across the field
Horse and rider both await the call
Challenge won and lost

Day ended
To the victor, spoils
Cheers, mead, gold, and pride
But the horseman knows who deserves them
His partner, his horse

A grooming
Apples and treats
Loving words of praise
A steed’s reward for job well done
Dream, my friend. Fly.

"... written following an EQ demo at Cynagua Fall Coronet." -- Alison Gray of Owlwood

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