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Bardic Arts

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?
(Revisited - First Variation)

Aimeric de Foix
July 23, 2005 (A.S. XL)

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou wouldst ask me on a day such as *THIS*?
For the cursed sun to vanish I would pray;
The shade I seek wouldst be my *only* bliss.
How can my eyes behold thee when struck blind
By that which burnt my skin and parched my throat?
Wouldst thou wish to be depicted so unkind
To drive men to drink or dive into a moat?
No, be for me a downy winter storm.
Send shivers down my spine and cool my breath.
Though I might stoke the fire to keep warm,
With you each day I'd freeze a little death.
To sun, others have so oft compared
To render as common, beauty pure and rare.

Written for the Arts and Sciences bardic competition, West Kingdom Arts and Sciences event ...
"Brief explanation: I wasn't planning on entering the competition, as I had nothing written, but I found myself inspired that morning by one of Shakespeare's more well-known sonnets and by the weather on this particular occasion ... to be precise, it was 104 degrees out, and Shakespeare can get stuffed ..." -- Aimeric de Foix

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