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Bardic Arts

The Long and Bending Road

Aimeric de Foix
[rhyme scheme as in "Make We Mere As We May", anonymous, 10/14/1500]
September, 2004 (A.S. XXXIX)

Ten Commandments, hewn in stone
Our people, Chosen, set alone
I reap what our ancestors' sown
My faith could never bend

Her God is One, and one in Three
He sacrificed himself for thee
To his embrace she yields freely
Her faith could never bend

But paths entwined, and storms did thunder
Those separate lives were thrown asunder
What best laid roads were trampled under
That broke which could not bend

But from the rubble, new edifice
Hath built itself; who knew that this
would coalesce from one small kiss
As lover came from friend

And though two heavens' horns did blow
Our walls held, unlike Jericho
'Til, to a far off land she'd go
While missive there I'd send

I wrote about a changed land
Where other towers did not stand
Would she return as we had planned?
My faith must never bend

She wrote of life about Sereers
In other directions her life steers
Yet while separation preys on fears
Her faith must never bend

[begin optional verse]

Our religion we have not shared
But faith in us hath kept us paired
So thus I had this ring prepared
And on one knee I bend
[end optional verse]

For two long years we stretched our heart
Our love no longer dwells apart
Here's hoping ... knowing this new start
Will never have an end

Written for the Bard of the Mists Competition, September, AS XXXIX (2004).

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