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History of the Awards Granted in the Kingdom of the West

The basic concept of this part of the History Site is to try to document when awards were created/first granted (often the same thing), by whom (which Royalty), and who the first recipients were. A link to the Awards List website will be given to see a complete list of all members of orders or recipients of awards and recognitions.

One thing to note, as it can be confusing, is the distinction used in the West Kingdom of Awards versus Honors. An Award is something that the recipient is given "for life" (or until/unless someone requests to no longer be a member of an order, etc.). An Honor is a title that is granted for a specific time (often a reign -- for example, membership in the Queen's Guard lasts until the Queen whose guard someone is on has stepped down at the next Coronation event; sometimes a specific length of time -- for example, the Bard of the West holds the title from June Crown of the year they are named as Bard, to the next June Crown a year later).

The list below is simply the different regions ... Kingdom of the West, and the (current) Principalities of the West. To see the awards and their history for a specific region, click the link, and you will be shown a web page with that information on it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you see an error or discrepency, or know details about the history of a specific award (why it was created, etc.), please feel free to drop a note to the Historian -- this will get updated as soon as possible. Thank you!

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