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West Royal Pavilion

First - now at Pennsic

New (2005) Royal Pavilion

First Photo and Contribution by
Anastasia Grindstead of Raven Oak

Second Photo and Contribution by
Johann von Drachenfels

"History of the Current West Kingdom Royal Pavilion

"There are currently two Royal Pavilions in use. One is on the East Coast and is used at the Pennsic Wars, and the other resides in the West Kingdom. Both were designed and built by Johann von Drachenfels.

"The first one was commissioned by King Stefan at June Crown, AS XXVI (1991) to replace the then-current Pavilion, which was based on Duke Frederick's "County Seat" design. Several specifications were set: that it be able to be set up by one person in less than an hour, if necessary; that no pole section be longer than seven feet (to fit into the regalia trailer being used at that time); and that it be not less than thirty feet wide, to accomodate up to four sets of thrones. All these criteria were met. The finished pavilion was delivered to His Majesty Rolf at October Crown, AS XXVII (1992).

"When the tent was new, the sides were seven feet tall to accommodate the maximum length of the side poles. This proved a problem for the taller Kings, because the valance tended to obscure their view of the populace, and vice versa. When the Kingdom acquired a longer regalia trailer a few years later, it became possible to use longer poles, so each of the side poles was extended one foot, along with the bottom sections of the center poles. An additional strip of canvas, one foot wide, was sewn to each of the side panels (under the valance) to raise the height of the sides (and consequently the entire tent) one foot. It is this configuration that is depicted in the photograph.

"As originally conceived, the device of the West was to be omitted from the roof, being silk-screened instead to each of the one hundred twenty billets on the perimeter of the roof. The populace, however, missed seeing the device from a distance, so the device was painted onto the tent during the summer of AS XXX (1995). At this time, ties were added to attach the roof to the ridge pole, preventing the roof from lifting off the center pole pins in high wind conditions.

"In 2005, the Kingdom Historical Trust, Inc. wished to donate a new pavilion to the Kingdom in token of the kingdom's help in raising funds for KHTI. They commissioned Master Johann to duplicate his original design, incorporating several refinements to the design. The new tent was presented to King Jade at Purgatorio, AS XL (2005), and the old tent, rather than being retired, was left on the East Coast to serve as the West Kingdom Pavilion at Pennsic War.

"Among the more conspicuous modifications made in the new pavilion are:

"1. A system for hanging banners and lanterns on a pole which can be raised and lowered at will without lowering the ridge pole of the tent.

"2. A separate awning system, so that the side walls need not be used for this purpose. The system is two-part, so that either or both parts can be used as needed, allowing either 280 square feet, 420 square feet, or 700 square feet of area to be shaded depending on conditions. (In a pinch, and with a few more poles and ropes, the side walls can be added to this system for a total of 932 square feet of shaded area.)

"3. A slightly larger footprint (although the roof area is the same as its predecessor), due to the sides being sloped out two feet rather than one foot. This, and an improved system of ropes and stakes, makes the tent more stable in winds and reduces the need for wind lines.

"4. The use of snap hooks and toggles throughout the tent to replace ties and S-hooks." -- Submitted on December 1, AS XL (2005 C.E.) by Johann von Drachenfels

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