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Constable's Point

Constable's Point
Constable's Point

"History of Constable's Point

The West Kingdom's Constable's Point is the base of
operations for the Constabulary, who are responsible for
public safety and security. If a tourney-goers have problems
in either of these areas, this tent is the first place they
should seek out. At most events, lost and found items can be
acquired or asked about here as well. If there are "loaner"
fire extinguishers or water buckets, this tent is probably
where they will be found.

The device over the door, and on the flaps on each side of
the door, is a gold-colored "flanged" mace, which is the
symbol of the Constabulary in most parts of the SCA, and
most Constables on duty wear a blue tabard or baldric with
that device.

The tent was made in AS XXIII (1988 CE) by Johann von
Drachenfels at the request of the Lord High Constable. It
was "remade" in AS XXXI of heavier material in the main
section of the sunshade, although the front and rear panels
were found to be in excellent shape and were retained."
-- Johann von Drachenfels

Photo and Contribution by
Johann von Drachenfels

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