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Chirurgeon's Point

Chirurgeon's Point
Chirurgeon's Point

"History of Chirurgeon's Point

The West Kingdom's Chirurgeon's Point is the place to find
people trained in first aid, so it's wise for any
tourney-goer to know where it can be found (although we hope
he or she will seldom find the need to use it). It is
usually pitched on or adjacent to the main tourney field at
most major events. The red and white colors were selected
because they are the colors of the Chirurgeonate, the SCA's
first aid staff, as well as of the International Red Cross,
an organization associated in most people's minds with first
aid. (Unfortunately, the SCA is prohibited by law from using
the Red Cross's trademark cross.)

The tent was built by Johann von Drachenfels in AS XXXV
(2001 CE) to replace an earlier tent, also built by Johann
in the same style. It is designed to hold up to six cots in
an area capable of being partitioned into three rooms.
Often, it is set up with awnings.

The red "faux" valance makes the tent easy to spot and
identify. The device on the top (in the red rondel)
resembling a stylized numeral seven is a "fleam" -- a
medieval blood-letting tool now adopted by the SCA as a
symbol for the Chirurgeons. These rondels were part of the
original Chirurgeon's Point." -- Johann von Drachenfels

Photo and Contribution by
Johann von Drachenfels

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