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Bard of the West - Poncho



Detail of badge

Photos and Contribution
by Veronica da Lugano

"The poncho is an old gold color (yellowish tan) coat weight wool blend - 90% wool, 10% nylon. The lining is green 100% silk doupioni (shot silk), which is why in some pictures it will look black. DRY CLEAN ONLY!!!

"This was designed to replace the original coat of the Bard of the West, as someone had washed it (it was supposed to be dry clean only, too), and it was getting worn out, as well. It should be a good indicator of who it is and who they belong to, since it's just a harp on top of the kingdom populace badge.

"Why a poncho? Well, the coat didn't fit the wide variety of people wearing it - all the women had to roll up the sleeves, except Wander Riordan, whom it was made for. Same problem with the size of the body - generally too big for most of us, and if we have a larger man at some point be bard, it won't fit them, either. With the poncho, there are no fit problems, unless your neck is too big to fit in it with it buttoned. Someone also mentioned that it would be nice to have something that an instrumentalist could wear without too much trouble, and a cloak was generally thought of as too much weight to push back over the shoulders, and besides, what would be the point? So, the wearer of this poncho can pin back the sides along the seam (the one that runs over the shoulder and down the arm) so they can wear the poncho and still play harp, viol, pipes, etc. and still have plenty of poncho to keep them warm." -- Veronica da Lugano

"Veronica is the first to wear this, with it being placed on her shoulders by King Radnor at Beltane, AS XLI (2006) when she presented it at the same time her successor was named." -- Hirsch von Henford

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