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Ancient Regalia Trunk

Steven and Astrid
Art by Chris Loftus

Henrik and Leanne

James and Verena
Art by Joan Dugan (Verena's mother)

Jean and Ellen

Paul and Carol, Andrew and Patrice, William and Donna

Stefan and Louise
Art by Louise of the Phoenix

Photos and Contribution
by Mark von dem Falkensfenn

Mark is attempting to preserve, repair, and reconstruct missing areas of this ancient piece of regalia (it was used to carry the Royal Regalia in for years). He has the following questions, and hopes someone can help (send responses to the West Kingdom History web minister, and they'll be gotten to Mark):

All this information will help me in preserving the trunk and in reconstructing missing areas. Educated guesses will be considered, but there's no substitute for facts. And considering how popular the History website is, I suspect there's lots of information out there. -- Mark von dem Falkensfenn

Stefan de Lorraine wrote, about 12th Night, A.S. IV (January 3, 1970):
"You might say this was the first example of a King's Mistress. Luise was determined to belly dance, having established a tradition of doing so, so she built herself a coronation gown that broke down into a glittery belly dancing outfit and the Queen disappeared and Mistress danced. She immortalized the event on the handle area of the original King's regalia trunk.

"In fact, the tradition of the King's Regalia trunk, and the tradition of the various monarchs being immortalized on it, was started at this 12th Night, as Leanne presented it to the kingdom."

Email conversation (June, 2016) with various folk included this:
"The chest was started by Leeanne [of Maywood] during Henrik's reign that I succeeded him. If that is 1970, then Astrid has it right. It sounds right. Luise painted the handle panels during our reign and we passed it along to Stephen and Astrid at the May tourney where I stepped down and Black Eagle took the throne." -- Stefan de Lorraine
"As part of the conservation of the regalia chest I researched the history and iconography of it and wrote it all down. In that research I managed to identify all the scenes and all the people in the scenes, as well as all the artists. I believe I gave a copy of my report to Theodora Groves when I delivered the trunk to Their Majesties with the assistance of Count Steven Blackeagle at a tourney at Duncan Mills four or five years ago. Theodora may have the report, or maybe she put it inside the trunk or in the box containing the trunk." -- Mark von dem Falkensfenn (and for the record, when the trunk goes to 50 Year they will check for it -- it's currently packed and on its way)

"My mother, Joan Dugan, painted the portraits of myself and James. She included the Wreath of Courtesy and Wreath of Chivalry at my request, since I started handing them out the reign that she did the painting." -- Verena of Laurelin

June 15, 2016 -- Henrik of Havn:
Mark and I discussed the box last year, was it? I don't recall what I told him, but off the top of my head here are a few bits of information, as I remember them.

I acquired the box from an unremembered source, possibly a gift from someone or a find in a second hand shop or dumpster, all sources I used to frequent back in the 60's. It was initially decorated by my Lady Leanne of Maywood and myself. I painted the green background using regular oil paint from the hardware store on the top and likely the sides and bottom too, since it initially was olive drab all over, with some scuffing damage, here and there. Perhaps it began as a military container of some sort. I painted the edge angles gold using gold metallic dust suspended in clear lacquer type gold paint, and then added my version of laurel leaves in the same green oilint, along the perimeter of the lid. I painted my device on the top as well. Then Leanne painted the three figure scenes in acrylic paint , I believe. These were adapted from photos she had of us in the costumes depicted. I have some of those photos.

After our reign the box , which was created to store the Solid Hammered Copper Ancient and Honorable Crowns of The West Kingdom, was passed on to the next Pair of Monarchs to add to with more imagery, to fill the vacant other sides and bottom, as was done by various successors, as they were able.

June 15 -- Geraldine of Toad Hall
I guess I'd better step in here as well just in case this didn't get into Marks original documentation. Two Toad Hall Kings were to add to the chest, Jean de la Gran'ance (sp) and Hagan the Strong. Jean did. Hagan did not, the reason being he wanted his artist father to do the painting and he died before he could do it. Hagan opted to leave his and Ruth's side blank.
"The Regalia Chest was passed on to Stefan and Luise at their Coronation at 12th Night, on January 3, 1970, AS IV. Some time before then, it was painted by me in basic green oil paint, with gold borders with green laurel leaves , and then the color scenes by Leanne, and then was used to store the Hammered Copper Crowns in. The images on the lid depict three scenes, from left to right, King Henrik, Queen Leanne, presenting a token (an oval, glazed ceramic medallion that Leanne and I had made, along with similar medallions we made to sell at the Society booth at the first Northern California Renesance Pleasure Faire) to Jon De Clese and Diana with baby Ian, King Henrik and Queen Leanne and Henrik and Fulk de Wyvern in combat at the Third Tournament." -- Henrik of Havn

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