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Crowns of the West

Crowns of the Queen, and of the King of the West -- these are
the crowns still in use after many years, the photo was taken
no more than three months after Henrik presented them to King
Paul and Queen Carol, May 1-2, AS XI (1976). Details on the making
of these Crowns can be gotten in the Annotated History for this
event (Beltane, AS XI) as well as some information below.

Photos and Contribution by
Kevin Peregrynne

From an email dated March 6, 2007:
"The West Kingdom solid silver Crowns were made in Caldarium by me. I took a jewelry making course at College of Marin through the Adult Education program and cast all the non forged fittings of the Crowns in solid silver, there. The Oak leaves for the Crowns were made from leaves picked off an oak tree in San Anselmo, which was located on the side of Bald Hill, overlooking the San Francisco Theological Seminary's San Anselmo campus, where several Crown Tournaments had been held in the early years of the Kingdom, and where several Old Timer's tournaments have also been held in more recent years.

"The solid sterling silver head bands of the Crowns, were hand forged by me at this same time, in Caldarium, as was final assembly of the Crowns." -- Henrik of Havn

From an Email by Henrik, June 4, 2016:
Before the specifics:
Here are my write-ups on the three items.

Hirsch, I think they should be included in the History site's information, especially since I heard some erroneous comments made at Court at Beltane regarding who paid for the Crowns. The populace paid nothing for either project, to my recollection. I donated practically the entire cost of the productions (taking several tuition paid Jewelry and Bronze Casting and Machine Shop classes at College of Marin, to learn the processes and then to produce the castings and components for the Crowns and the Great Sword of State). In addition I bought and paid for the material for more than 93% of the Crowns (100% if including, technically, the 3.5 ounces of silver bullion payment Kevin had given me for a personal project , which I returned to Kevin, some 20 years later, after completing the project) and 100% for the sword and scabbard components (except for enamel, enameling kiln electricity and associated expendables). There never was a "great amount of the cost donated" by anyone else in the Kingdom's populace, as stated at Beltane Court. I could have said something then but didn't since it would have looked like a self serving action and putting another person down to some degree, which I didn't feel would be appropriate.

After having been commissioned by several West Kingdom Monarchs to make personal Crowns and Coronets, during the early years of The West Kingdom, in the year AS IX I decided that the Ancient and Honorable Crowns of State of The Kingdom of The West were no longer Regal enough for The West Kingdom, being made from hammered solid copper sheet. I decided to make solid silver Crowns to replace them. After conferring with several West Kingdom Monarchs for approval, I designed new Crowns. The design is intended to address the need for flexibility to fit numerous head sizes and shapes, while being able to withstand numerous years of use (and expected accidental abuse), and still function and look reasonably in - period and attractive. I began to assemble the needed materials. The finished Crowns are made from approximately 60 or so total ounces of silver.

The bands are made in four segments from 16 gage sterling silver sheet. Each band has a rolled top and bottom edge which were formed by hand hammering with special fluting punches and anvils that I designed and made for the task. These rolled and fluted edges give the bands extra strength and rigidity without adding to their already significant weight, thus saving cost of materials as well as reducing discomfort when worn. Connecting the four rolled and fluted edge band segments of each crown are flexible flat bands of sterling silver, which are riveted inside. These provide a modest degree of flexibility, allowing the Crowns to conform more comfortably to the various heads, of differing shapes and sizes, that have worn them during the past 40 years.

Decorating the bands are:

For the Kings Crown:
Four Solid Cast Silver Oak Leaf Clusters riveted in place with silver clad copper dome rivets. Between the Oak Leaf Clusters are four Solid Cast Silver Oak Acorns. The Oak Leaf Clusters consist of Silver castings made from oak leaves collected from a tree located near an early West Kingdom Tournament site, situated in my home Province of Caldarium. The leaves were cast by the "Lost Wax" method, using silver bullion (including about 3 and a half ounces of bullion that I had received as payment from a fellow Knight, to restore his antique sword). One of the Oak Leaf Clusters was made with a small piece of imbedded copper, cut off a hidden portion of the Ancient and Honorable Copper King's Crown, and then cast into the matrix of the Leaf Cluster, so it is visible to be seen when worn. The Acorns were made using acorns taken from the same source, silver and casting process, with integral rivet posts fixing them to the bands.

For the Queen's Crown:
Four Solid Cast Silver Tudor Roses, originally riveted in place with custom made, solid cast silver dome rivets. One of the Roses was made with a small piece of imbedded copper, cut from a hidden portion of the Ancient and Honorable Copper Queen's Crown, and then cast into the matrix of the Rose, so it is visible to be seen when worn. Flanking each large rose are two small solid cast silver roses with integral rivet posts fixing them to the bands, making the Crown a Wreath of 12 Silver Roses. Between each rose cluster, are placed four small solid cast silver oak leaves, again made from the same source, silver and casting process as The King's Crown, with integral rivet posts fixing them to the bands.

These Crowns were donated by me to The Kingdom of The West at it's Beltane Coronation Tournament on May 1, 1976, AS 11, the tenth anniversary of the Kingdom (and The SCA) just before the new King's Coronation. I handed them to the outgoing King, William of Houghton, who then Crowned the incoming King and Queen, Paul and Carol of Bellatrix with the New Solid Silver Crowns, inaugurating now 40 years of use of The West Kingdom Solid Silver Crowns of State.

Henrik of Havn

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