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The First Crown Used At An SCA Event

Henrik's Crown
This iron crown was the first crown ever used at an SCA event as the symbol of the King. It was designed by Fulk de Wyvern and created by Henrik of Havn. Henrik says this about the crown: "... it is my personal crown and no other person has worn it at court except Fulk who wore it before I was crowned with it at the March 1967 Tourney. Yes, they [The "Ancient and Honorables"] were the first Kingdom owned crowns, but I continued to be crowned exclusively with my own Crown during succeeding reigns. The procedure was, I would approach the King, he would remove the copper Crown from his head and place it on a cushion or some such held by an appropriate person – Kingdom Herald usually and then my crown bearer would proffer my crown on a cushion and the departing monarch would pick up my crown and crown me.” -- Henrik of Havn, from the Annotated History of the West

Photo and Contribution by Steven MacEanruig

From an Email by Henrik, June 4, 2016:
Before the specifics:
Here are my write-ups on the three items.

Hirsch, I think they should be included in the History site's information, especially since I heard some erroneous comments made at Court at Beltane regarding who paid for the Crowns. The populace paid nothing for either project, to my recollection. I donated practically the entire cost of the productions (taking several tuition paid Jewelry and Bronze Casting and Machine Shop classes at College of Marin, to learn the processes and then to produce the castings and components for the Crowns and the Great Sword of State). In addition I bought and paid for the material for more than 93% of the Crowns (100% if including, technically, the 3.5 ounces of silver bullion payment Kevin had given me for a personal project , which I returned to Kevin, some 20 years later, after completing the project) and 100% for the sword and scabbard components (except for enamel, enameling kiln electricity and associated expendables). There never was a "great amount of the cost donated" by anyone else in the Kingdom's populace, as stated at Beltane Court. I could have said something then but didn't since it would have looked like a self serving action and putting another person down to some degree, which I didn't feel would be appropriate.

After winning the Third Tournament and being proclaimed King, I conferred with the previous Tournament Tournament winner, Fulk de Wyvern, about having a formal Coronation ceremony (for the first time in the SCA) at the commencement of the next (fourth) Tournament, after the winter season had passed. I decided to make a Crown for the Coronation. It would consist of a hammered Iron band, signifying strength, surmounted by silver crosses, signifying nobility . During the winter months I fabricated the Crown from a 1/8 inch thick band of hammered iron, that I then applied chemically blued finish to. The crosses were hand sawn by me from 1/8 inch thick copper sheet and then silver plated and then riveted to the hammered iron band. It is lined with red suede leather. At the fourth Tournament I was crowned King, in the first SCA Coronation ceremony, with this Crown and during subsequent years, when I was again Crowned King, it was exclusively with this iron Crown, five more times, even after my Kingdom (The West) had acquired The Ancient and Honorable Royal Crowns of State, some 10 months later.

Henrik of Havn

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