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The "Ancient and Honorable Crowns" of the West

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Side View

Photos and Contribution
by Kevin Peregrynne

The "Ancient and Honorable" Crowns of the West Kingdom, crafted by Beverly Hodgehead, for Twelfth Night Coronation in January of AS II, and they were worn until AS XI for Coronations. According to those who "were there", these were fairly uncomfortable, and so were worn for Coronations, and then personal crowns were worn for the duration of the reign. These personal crowns became county or ducal coronets after the reign was over ... This lasted until the current silver crowns crafted by Henrik of Havn were brought to the Coronation of Paul and Carol, at Beltane, May AS XI. At that point, these Crowns were placed into an archive, and kept safe by Siegfried von Hoflichskeit until recently (AS XXXVI) when they were given to Patrice du Coeur Fidel to hold onto. Patrice obtained permission from His Majesty Uther for herself and Kevin Peregrynne to become the custodians of these Crowns.

More detail (from postings on SCA-West):

"There were years when they were "lost". They were found, and rescued by ... Duke Siegfreid [von Hoflichskeit], from Maythen's [Maythen of Elfhaven/Maythen Gervaise] attic.

"... His Grace thought he could provide a better place for them. While in his keeping, he replaced the fur and possibly the cloth (see the first Purg, the cloth was white). When he and his Lady moved north from the central part of the Kingdom, he took the Crowns. There are stories floating around about different people trying to wrest them from his keeping, but he says no one ever asked. I don't know where the truth lies.

"So one day, out of the blue, comes an offer from His Grace to bring us the Crowns if we would accept the charge of keeping them safe and properly revered. We accepted. At our next opportunity, I petitioned the crown for official status as keepers.

"The Crowns were delivered, Kevin made the box for them and we presented them at the next 12th Night." -- Patrice du Coeur Fidel

"The Crowns - the lost years ... Somewhere in their history, they were brought out from someone's (Maythen's? the heralds?) closet to [be] used as props in a play ... They were promptly rescued -- "NOT approriate use" and turned over to me for safe keeping. I informed the K & Q, and the seneschal that I had them, and wrapped them carefully and placed them in a cedar chest ... A couple of years later, they were asked about, (no one remembered that I had them) and I turned them over to the K & Q at the time. The next time I heard about them was when we wanted them for the regalia records, and everyone agreed that Siegfreid was the last one that they knew of who had them. I sent e-mails and letters and phone calls to the address and #s that people gave me for Siegfreid, and recieved no response. There was a rumor that they were used for the coronation of the first K & Q of Drachenwald ..." -- Linda of the Lakelands

"For the record the old crowns were NOT used in that play. I was in it. Duke James [Greyhelm] and Duchess Verena [of Laurelin] objected to their use for it. Kevin and I loaned our coronets for the performance.

"Linda, after you turned them over, they must have worked their way back to Maythen's because that's where Siegfreid says he found them, in the attic.

"I believe they were used at the first coronation of more than one Kingdom. Caid for sure, Kevin and I carried them in the procession." -- Patrice du Coeur Fidel

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