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Arts and Sciences -- Award Tokens

Tamsin of the Raven Tresses, Ducal Coronet

Pearl Begin
Pearl Detail
Strawberry Leaf Detail
Finished Coronet
Tamsin of the Raven Tresses' Ducal Coronet
Artists: Diane de Winchester and Mark von dem Falkensfenn

Photo and Contribution
by Diane de Winchester

"Mark does virtually all the metal work. I do almost all the enameling (unless otherwise stated).

"Tamsin commissioned this one and it took forever. The assignment required we use as a base the original coronet Henrik had made her (gold plated silver) ... and we had to remove the original glass stones and stars ... replacing them with more refined & conservative elements. The start was an experiment to establish that the pearls could be mounted in a given way ... and I couldn't bear that this experiment be thrown away (as Mark is very willing to do) so I pressed him into finishing it as a small brooch. The final coronet pix here shows how the filligree is rivited in place (backing/lining not in place). I think she lined the interior with odor-eaters as a cushion!! Mark's workmanship here, with support given by Diane as minion/apprentice.

"Next came the real workup. With further elements and parts riveted in place onto the original base. Garnets and two kinds of pearls were used." -- Diane de Winchester

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