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Arts and Sciences -- Award Tokens

Past Bard of Cynagua
(Order of the Winged Harp)

Medallion for the Past Bard of Cynagua. This is now the "Order
of the Winged Harp" -- at the time I made the first five of these
there was no actual award for bards who had done their time and
stepped down. This is a design based on the "Current" Bard of
Cynagua token, which has the wings up, rather than down. The
optical illusion here is just that -- the harp is raised, but
inlaid into the wings (which are cut into the silver). The
angle the photograph was taken at, combined with the texture in the
wings (caused by the acid I used for cleaning the brass) causes this
effect. If you look at the photo at one point, the token looks the
way it should, at another you get this weird optical illusion ...
Artist: Hirsch von Henford

Photo and Contribution
by Hal Ravn

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