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Pelican Medallion, Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwr



Pelican medallion made for Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwr
by Diane de Winchester and Mark von dem Falkensfenn

Photos by Mark von dem Falkensfenn,
Contribution by Diane de Winchester

"Silversmithing and photo: Mark von dem Falkensfenn; Cloisonne Enamels: Diane de Winchester.

This sterling pendant is just a shade over 1-1/2" total. It was an "in the style of" creation based on the recipient asking for an "Anglo-Saxon border with a Book of Kells pelican". The back is loosely designed by examining the Strickland Brooch at the British Museum. The ivy leaves and dogs are images which are personally insightful.

The front of this pendant sets the cloisonne in two levels with the use of two separate bezels and a riser.  The cloisonne enamel reds are underlaid in gold foil for shimmer.  The back shows the five rivets which hold the parts together (the garnet is the 5th rivet) and is pierced to expose the back red counter-enamel of the cloisonne "garnet" border. The exposed gold visible from the back is sheet brass engraved with veins for the ivy leaves. This was sealed with shellac inside and out, because the interior of the center circle (the pelican) is a reliquary and is best kept watertight. The central garnet (rivet) is underlaid with gold foil.

The hanging loop is a separate piece made as a flared, embellished bead later severed in half, switched left to right and re-soldered to get the proper silhouette. The perimeter is finished with a double twist while the pelican is framed with a twist-and-reverse-twist on either side of a single round wire to achieve the herringbone design. 

Custom piece given by the artists to Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwyr at Purgatorio AS XLIII upon occasion of his Pelican." -- Diane de Winchester

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