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Laurel Medallion, Aryana Silknfyre


Artist: Hirsch von Henford
Made for Aryana when both of us were living in Oertha. This is the second iteration of this medallion. When I made the first, the individual "wedges" were hand-cut and the lines were not perfectly straight. This made me a little crazy, and Aryana actually would hide the token so I wouldn't get frustrated ... she liked it, but ... eventually I went back and made a second one using a metal brake cut the "wedges" into straight lines, and then re-made the token for her. The metals (I have never worked in precious metal) are nickel-silver and brass.

According to Khevron (who took the photo), this medallion is now in the hands of Margery Garret. If anyone knows the lineage of the medallion, details would be appreciated, and would be added here:

Given to:Date:
Aryana SilknfyreAugust 13, 1982
Breock of WhitbyOctober 28, 2006
Morgana yr OerfaJuly 20, 2008
Margery GarretDecember 3, 2011

Photo and Contribution
by Khevron Oktavii Tikhikovich Vorotnikov

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