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Fealty Chain -- Ancient

This Fealty Chain is one that has much history, members of the Order of Chivalry have assisted with the details given here. (Very specifically Richard of Alder Tree who has been the 'official' keeper of the history of this chain, and Brion of Bellatrix.)

The chain is known by different names in different SCA fighting groups. It has been reported that the group that includes Jade of Starfall, Uther Schiemann der Hunt, and others call it "The Chain of Champions", while members of the group which includes Radnor of Guildemar (The Ermine Company and people who associate with them) and others call it "Radnor's Chain" as he was gifted with it at one time. Some simply call it "The Precious", and yet others even more simply "The Chain".

This chain has been worn by those listed under "Lineage" below (usually placed on the bearer's neck during their knighting ceremony -- all bearers of the chain from Thomas the Incomplete forward have been so honored).

Photo and Contribution
by Hirsch von Henford

Lineage of This Chain of Fealty

BearerDateKingdom Knighted In
William of HoghtonOctober, 1972 -- AS VII (7)West
Christopher of HoghtonJuly, 1977 -- AS XII (12)West
Radnor of GuildemarMarch, 1979 -- AS XIII (13)West
Thomas the IncompleteJanuary, 1980 -- AS XIV (14)West
Wulf Sagan von Osten-SeeAugust, 1981 -- AS XVI (16)West
Leon von SchreckenMarch, 1985 -- AS XIX (19)West
Artemas MaximusJune, 1985 -- AS XX (20)West
Phillip Harlech of ExeterJune, 1986 -- AS XXI (21)West
James Gael MacTireJanuary, 1987 -- AS XXI (21)West
Jade of StarfallMarch, 1987 -- AS XXI (21)West
Richard of Alder TreeApril, 1991 -- AS XXV (25)West
Alfred of CarlyleJune, 1993 -- AS XXVIII (28)West
Richard of GreyefalleOctober, 1993 -- AS XXVIII (28)West
Veniamin Nafanovich MedvednikogotevJanuary, 1995 -- AS XIX (29)West
Christopher of YorkAugust, 1997 -- AS XXXII (32)East/Ęthelmearc
Brion of BellatrixAugust, 1998 -- AS XXXIII (33)West
Uther Schiemann der HuntMay, 1999 -- AS XXXIV (34)West
Maynard von dem SteinSeptemper, 2000 -- AS XXXV (35)Ęthelmearc
Gaston de ClermontJuly, 2001 -- AS XXXVI (36)West
Reinmar WolfmeierFebruary, 2002 -- AS XXXVI (36)Artemisia
Titus Scipio GermanicusOctober, 2002 -- AS XXXVII (37)West
Tristan SexwulfOctober, 2003 -- AS XXXVIII (38)Ęthelmearc
Direk IvanovichOctober, 2004 -- AS XXXIX (39)Caid
Leohtulf of the Silver HillsAugust, 2005 -- AS XL (40)West
Bryne McClellanMay, 2006 - AS XLI (41)West
Roric SkoganMay, 2007 -- AS XLII (42)West
Eyvindr GunnarssonJune, 2007 -- AS XLII (42)West
Thaddeus BlayneyDecember 8, 2007 -- AS XLII (42)Lochac
Sigifrith HauknefrMay 2, 2009 -- AS XLIV (44)West
Fernando Miguel De ValenciaOctober 17, 2009 -- AS XLIV (44)Trimaris
Theuderic BataviiMay 8, 2010-- AS XLV (45)Lochac
Loy Schiemann der KleineJanuary 8, 2011 -- AS XLV (45)West
Eirik HardradiJanuary 15, 2011 -- AS XLV (45)West
Miles FitzRolfApril 30, 2011 -- AS XLV (45)West

"William [of Hoghton] gave it to his son Christopher [of Hoghton], who in turn gave it to Radnor [of Guildemar] during his first reign.

Thomas [the Incomplete] was the first to be Knighted with it, and everyone on this list after that was Knighted with it.

Jade [of Starfall] first called it 'the chain of champions' during my Knighting." -- Richard of Alder Tree

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