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Annotated History Project

Where Are They Now?

Note: This is meant to be a listing of the folk covered in the Annotated History Project time-frame, people who's names show up in the history ... trying to keep up with everyone, just who has had even a little influence in The West Kingdom, would be nigh on impossible. Please do not submit suggestions of people to add to this list ... This information was last updated late in (Mundane year) 2000, and I don't expect to be updating it often, if at all ... Hirsch

Minor updates, Nov. 2003, June 2011, to note some unfortunate, but to be expected losses ... -- Hirsch

Adral Argo verKaeysc (David the Herald) - David Bradly - “Last I heard David Bradley was still living in Berkeley or Oakland.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
Passed away in his sleep, Sept. 11, 2008.

Aeginius - see Richard of Mont Real

Aehlswyth of Coventry – Elizabeth Jodry – “Now living in Roseville, working at McClellan AFB as an analyst/instructor, soon to transfer and migrate to Ogden, UT. For a while she was doing some Old West living history.” – Edward of Southhaven
     “Happily pledged to my Lord of 15 years, Etienne Xavier Bondurant de Blacquemoor (Merlyn), thanks to the matchmaking of none other than Edward of Southhaven himself.” – Aehlswyth of Coventry

Aislyn Gildara of Breemore – Jeanette Holladay -> Chamberlain – “Recently & happily wed to Brandon d’Arendel, living now in Milpitas.” – Edward of Southhaven
Living in the East Kingdom, last anyone heard [2011]...

Aja du Jardin – Kare Mantegani (see Richard of Havn, below)
Passed away: March 7, 2006, Stroke.

Alfonso de Castile – “The first Laurel of the SCA, was last heard of years ago living in Santa Barbara, California... this was at least ten years ago, don’t know where he is now.” – Dorothea of Caer-Myrddyn
     “Last I saw him, he was a hydrologist on the Hopi reservation in Arizona- He was hanging out with Henrik at Estrella. Maybe 8 years ago or less.” – James Greyhelm
     Passed away in 2003. -- Hirsch von Henford

Alice of Briarbrook – Alice Wood – “Union electrician, married to Doug, mother of Emily and Rebecca, very active with Irish step-dancing school, PTA.” – Rima of Rockridge

Alison of Hightower – “(Randall’s wife during his SCA years) is one of our land partners at Eclectia. She has retired recently from computer programming and currently is Chair of the Santa Cruz County Women’s Commission (appointed by our county supervisor.)” – Robert of Dunharrow
Passed away June 13, 2004, Cancer.

Alison von Markheim - Living in Concord, California with husband Waldt von Markheim.

Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland – Nancy Stevens – “Next year will be 25 years as Baroness Lions Gate. Still running University of Ithra sessions in AnTir (this July 4th weekend (2000) will be the 25th Anniversary of the first Ithra session). Still working with children (as a nanny now).” – Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

Amanda of Cawdor – Nancy (also Amanda) Cockrell - “I am still living in Roanoke, married to Tony Neuron, a librarian. When I was divorced (from Iain of Cawdor) I took back my maiden name, Cockrell, and have kept that. I am still writing (as Amanda Cockrell) and have two trilogies of mythological novels published by Avon, and a contemporary novel coming out in August. I’m director of a graduate program and managing ed of a literary journal at Hollins University.” – Amanda of Cawdor

Amie of Exeter – “I saw Amie of Exeter a few years ago. I think she still lives in Berkeley. One of her sons is married to a daughter of Dick Bagwell, a fellow morris dancer I see often, so I should ask him.” – Robert of Dunharrow

André de Sevastopol - “Living in Walnut Creek, working for Alameda County” – Stefan de Lorraine

Andre Lessard - Derek Stevens - “Some of you may remember him as the young boy that acted as scout for the West Kingdom during a war and rescued Duke Paul’s helm from a wasp nest. He was the person who invented El Tablero de Gucci and became the World Champion of the game at 3YC (“the cow guy”). Now living just outside Seattle, married to Countess Oktabia, and has a son, Izaac.” – Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

Andrew of Riga - Andrew Smith - “Living in Norco, California. Human population 30,000. Equine population 60,000. Currently the Secretary of the SCA Inc.” – Andrew of Riga
Living in N. CA these days (June, 2011)

Ann Parkhurst of Gatehouse - “Lady Mom” mother of Edwin Bersark. – deceased

Anne of San Anselmo – somewhere in the Outlands, resurfaced in the SCA out there, mundanely a nurse(?).

Annette of Faire Monte – “I took Annette of Faire Monte as my SCA name since I was born near Fairmont Park in Riverside, CA. I chose to spell it Faire Monte since I liked the association with the seasonal marketplace faires that were mini-holidays. A couple of the early heralds took it as an attempt to get through something magical, a reference to Fairie. Although I’m pagan, that was not the intent.”
     “I’m working in San Francisco at the Exploratorium, Museum of Science, Art and Perception. I am still living Berkeley, am no longer active but still see old SCA friends from time to time.” – Annette of Faire Monte

Aonghais dubh Mac Tarbh - Deceased.

April of the Dales - “Living in Half Moon Bay. I run into her about once a year and chat.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Ardys an Dearg - “This was Ardis Water’s first SCA name; it meant “Ardis the Red”. Later she changed it to Sumer Redmaene.” deceased – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Arthur of Lockehaven – Michael Cady – A history teacher, active in Atenveldt, married to Lorelei, whom he “abducted” to start a war about 30 years ago! , and who suffers his “ego death” when he fights the grown children of the folks he started fighting with, back in AS 4. We now have too many young, fast, strong, fighters who grew up in the SCA, and are now swinging sticks at our heads! To remedy this injustice, I have suggested that we require every fighter who is “under 35" ( and maybe those who just “practice TOO MUCH” ) be required to wear “a blindfold, and lead weights”, . . . My suggestion has yet to become law.” – Arthur of Lockehaven

Astrid of Hawk Ridge – Astrid Anderson – “Living just north of Seattle. Married to SF writer Greg Bear, and parent of Erik Bear, 13, and Alexandra Bear, 10. Working hard as a volunteer at the parent-co-op school the kids attend, and also president of the local weaving guild.” – Astrid of Hawk Ridge

Astrid of Two Towers - “You should also note my grandmother ... who died in 1981. She chose the “Two Towers” because she was fond of Tuborg beer, which came from Denmark, as she did.” – Astrid of Hawk Ridge

Barbara of Galloway – “... and I are divorced, she’s living in Portland,Or and not active for a long time now.” – Jerald of Galloway

Bela of Eastmarch - Poul Anderson - Science Fiction author, still living in Orinda, California

Beverly Hodghead – Beverly Hodghead - deceased

Bevin Frasier of Sterling - Katherine Kurtz - Science Fiction/Fantasy author, living in Ireland. (Moved to the Kingdom of Atlantia recently, June 2011)

Boncueur – Randall Millen – “He is (in addition to being a language tutor) a romance novelist. He is interested in getting back involved in the SCA.” – Aja du Jardin
     “Is still living in Palo Alto and has been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder that is being controlled with medication. I am sure that is not a surprise to any who knew him. In fact it explains a lot. He still runs his tutorial and registry business from his home but does not get out much.” – Jana Seasgir
Passed: July 20, 2008

Brian Dritar an Con – Brian Duggan – “also known as Brian the Unpronounceable is Brian Duggan. He has a master’s degree in education and is an Instructional Technology Consultant at California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, and gets published from time to time. He and Wendy (Gwendylon of the Thistle - sometimes Gwendylon Firousi) celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in 2000.” – Brian Dritar an Con

Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecroft - “Rhea Stone at last report is living in Sacramento.” – Kevin Peregrynne
     “Quite alive I’m sure, still at the old place on T Street in Sacramento. Both children are very tall. After the sudden passing of Kriemhilde (Susan Stone), he quickly became too busy with life + single parenthood for the SCA or for fandom.” – Edward of Southhaven

Carol of Bellatrix – Carol Bowman-Jones - “I am married to Michael Bowman-Jones (we both shared one another’s name), I live in Highland in Caid. My work precludes me from much active involvement except when my sons are concerned.” – Carol of Bellatrix
Passed: January 24, 2010.

Carol the Just, formerly Anastasia – Carol Ackerman – Recovering from a long struggle with chronic fatigue; now re-wed or on the verge of it; living in Chico.” – Edward of Southhaven

Charles of Dublin – Mitchell Shulman – “he is still active in Caid, and if a rock falls on your head at a war, he probably shot it from a nearby siege engine. He lives with his wife Susan in Sylmar, California.” – Robear du Bois

Cherie des Jardins – Cheri Sandberg – “Widow of Teddy Myrick. She is the Dowager of Clan Clurain. Think of how many o’ them Clurains there are? Anyway, she is an active scribe in the West (Caldarium). And ok, she is my SCA-half-sister.” – Aja du Jardin

Christianna Eyvindsdottor – Tina Hansen -> King – “My wonderful erstwhile princess! Wed to Maxen Fidilis (George King); living in Copell, TX. Quite busy & content with 20th-century life.” – Edward of Southhaven

Christopher of Hoghton - “is living in a suburb of Denver with his wife, and both are somewhat inactive at this point.” – Maythen Gervaise

Colin of Duntamknacken (Eoin Colin MacKenzie) - “‘The Colin’ - still living at Duntamknacken (his house in Petaluma), whose former greathall now houses the Marine Research Library, which focuses on information about lighthouses and lifesaving services through history, throughout the world. He also publishes limited reprints of significant books in this field. Various members of old Clan Colin still occasionally drop by for visits.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Colleen [Elizabeth du Cassis?] “Oh yes, and I neglected to mention that I see Mistress Colleen (and an occasional few others of the old House of the Annonymous Bosh) on at least a weekly basis, since she lives 5 blocks from me and her kids are my goddaughters.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

David the Herald - see Adral Argo verKaeysc (above)

David of Bagulay – David Bigelow – and his wife – Serena Cleindori of Bagulay (Betty Bigelow), are still living in Seattle and are active in S.F. Fandom mainly playing around with being Klingon. Betty is still dancing and producing artwork.

David of Illwheirlane – David Hodghead – in Hayfork, CA, “where I am running a business manufacturing and selling Tendon Bands for the relief of Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Passed: December, 2006.

Denis of the Titans – “Count Denis lives in Phoenix, is still active, and is engaged to be married.” – Paul of Bellatrix

Deutsche Bursenschaft - Paul Wolfgangel - the original victor at the first tourney (for details see the writeups of the first event). Left to head back home (Germany) after graduating shortly after the first event ...

Diana Listmaker - Diana Paxson - Science Fiction/Fantasy author, still living in Berkeley ... “along with her son, Ian Michael Studebaker (my sometime squire) and his wife & children. Don comes down from Lake County for New Years.” – Robert of Dunharrow

Dierdrianna of the Misty Isles – Maureen Whitaker -> Clifton. “Wed to Scott Clifton; living in Lewis Center, OH; recovering now from another bout of brain surgery.” – Edward of Southhaven

Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin (aka Dorothea of Paravel) - Dorothy Heydt - married to Hal Ravn (Wilson Heydt), living in Albany, CA. Has published a SF/Fantasy novel ...
(Living in Vallejo, CA now with her daughter, husband, etc. -- June, 2011)

Douglas Brownbeard of Hvitamyrr (Douglas of Whitemarsh) – Doug Olsen – “Health professional living in Oakland. Still singing with Oak, Ash & Thorn. Song leader at dance camps and weekends. New Morris dancer.” – Rima of Rockridge

Douglas Longshanks – Doug Baker – “and Lorna of Leeds (Lorna Baker) have been living and running a successful construction company in Roanoke, Virginia (Atlantia) since 1982. They are currently looking into living in the Conch Republic (the Florida Keys) and sailing and diving their lives away.” – Rand of Dunbar

Eadiard Slaightaer Fusgach – Teddy Myrick (deceased) – “He was an Atenvelter who came to the West with his wife Cherie (sp?). His Gaelic SCA name translated roughly to Edward the Bearded Rascal but I can’t even approximate it now. He was a gifted bard and an Atenveldt knight.
     “He died around AS10 or earlier in a car wreck. Others here might have better information.” – Stefan de Lorraine
     “If I recall, Teddy was Sir Eadiard (I too forget the rest of the Gaelic). Cherie lives in Marin County with her husband Russ and daughter Reesa. They are still active in the Shire of Caldarium (I saw her last Saturday at the rehearsal for the Shire’s Quest next month, we wound up with a barbeque in Sir Mark von dem Falconsfenn’s back yard).” – Kevin Peregrynne
     “Eadiard Slaightaer Fusgach (Edward the Bearded Rascal) was his whole name. Damn, he was a good man.” – James Greyhelm
     “He was a good piper- he had a set of Uileeen pipes (rare in this country at that time) on order at the time he died. One of the only things that was saved when Dave and Ardis’ home in Orinda burned was Teddy’s pipes- he grabbed them and ran from the house. No clothes, but he saved the pipes. Good sense of priorities.” – James Greyhelm

Earl of Morris – “After 11 years in Japan, moved back to the US in 1985 to Palo Alto where he still lives with Noriko, his wife of more than 25 years. Has three sons, two twin boys 25 years of age (Kenichi and Isamu) and one 14 year old, Masaru. The older boys will be attending graduate school beginning this fall. Still attends 12th Night when it is held locally and is in touch with a few people (Duke Henrik and Richard of Havn) on a fairly regular basis. Last fought at an Alzheimer’s tourney in San Anselmo eons ago. Works as a technical writer for a semiconductor wafer fabrication equipment company in San Jose. Teaches kyudo (traditional Japanese archery sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Zen archery”) in Emeryville and practices other Japanese martial arts.” – Earl of Morris

Eden of Lionsguard - “”Lady of Leisure” (retired if you prefer), living in Seattle, not so active right now, but still doing medieval culinary research.” – Eden of Lionsguard

Edgar the Unready – “I used to see Edgar the Unready & Dorthea the Unsure at Ren Faire, but not for some years. They used to sell handmade toys at fairs. Of their 3 children, I haven’t seen Charles of Mercury in 10 years or more, but both Crystal & Celeste were at Ren Faires more recently. A few years ago, Celeste (remember her as a 13-year-old belly dancer?) introduced me to her grown daughter & infant granddaughter.” – Robert of Dunharrow
     “We tend to run into Crystal at science fiction conventions. Also, an old friend of the Blanton girls, Allison Hershey, is a regular player in my RuneQuest game. That’s where I heard that Celeste was a grandmother!” – Stefan de Lorraine
(Passed? One email in 2003 from him said "No", another in June, 2011 from Geraldine of Toad Hall says "yes".)

Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe – Ed Rush – “Technical writer living in Los Osos, CA.” – Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Edward of Southhaven – “Out of the loop, aging but well, still kicking feebly, very busy with school and work. Once a year I will limp out to KotW Twelfth Night, rarely to a local event. My mundane alter ego is a UNIX systems administrator (civilian) at McClellan AFB, one of our closing Air Force facilities.” – Edward of Southhaven

Edward Zifran of Gendy – E. F. Morrill – Alive, living in the East for the last 16 years. Recently finished (2 years ago) a stint on the BoD. Still active in the East, Crown Province of Ostgardr, and Pennsic War.” – Edward Zifran of Gendy

Edwin Bersark – Paul Edwin Zimmer – SF/Fantasy author – deceased
     “... died of a heart attack at an SF Convention on the east coast a year or so ago.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Eilis ni Roibeard O’Boirne (aka Eilis O’Boirne) - Lee Forgue - works for the University of California, Berkeley, former Seneschal of the SCA, lives in Berkeley.

Elfrida of Greenwalls - Marion Zimmer Bradley Breen, SF/Fantasy author
     Passed away in September of 1999, heart attack

Elena du Droit – Mary Morman – “One of the founders of Golden Rivers. Now living in the Outlands (Colorado Springs), married to a good gentleman, currently on extended sabbatical from the SCA. Politics.” – Edward of Southhaven

Eliot of Ruxton Hall, “Clarissa of Red Crab Manor on the James’ husband.” – Kevin Peregrynne
     (deceased, the Principality of Cynagua service award “The Ruxton” was named after him ...)

Ellen Cross Quills – Ellen Hodghead – deceased

Ellen of the Gleaming Star – “He [Jean de la Grand’anse] lives in Berkeley, she lives in north Oakland. He said Henrik had phoned and asked him to come (to 12th Night (2000)), so he phoned Ellen. They have been divorced for years, but share a daughter (in her 20's, I think), and were holding hands at Twelfth Night, so are still close friends. I knew Ellen from campus politics around 1960 and Geri knew her from another source. She joined the SCA after running into Geri & me at the Co-op, and thus met Jean, who had joined our household earlier.” – Robert of Dunharrow
     “Ellen shared a house with Luise and I and Jon the Lean about the time I was king and then Seneschal. About that time the Jean - Ellen romance blossomed and they eventually moved in together and were married, in approximately that order.” – Stefan de Lorraine

Felice of Mayhem House – Felix Maxam – “living in Richmond (I believe) with current husband (for the last 20 years or so) Blake Maxam, who can be seen in various theatre productions about the Bay Area and I believe works for Alameda County Parks.” – Stefan de Lorraine
     “Felice Maxam lives in El Sobrante. She accompanied my Sherlock-and-Sullivan operetta at Baycon in 1995.” – Karina of the Far West

Fiona di Varanus – “... alive & well as of November 99, living in the Seattle area, retired from the SCA a few years ago. Deeply missed by members of the local culinary guild.” – Eden of Lionsguard

Fiona Gregorovna (Natalia de Foix) – Nancy Berman – “she is back in Southern California, and occasionally comes to an event.” – Robear du Bois

Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (aka Bjo of Griffin) - Bjo Timble – “currently living in Monrovia with husband John ap Griffin (Trimble) and daughter Lora (Lorissa du Griffin) and Lora’s husband, who I don’t believe was ever SCA, but I don’t know for sure.” – Stefan de Lorraine
     “... does wearable art and nature dye research. Just sold an article to and is looking forward to John’s retirement. I’m not willing to be in the SCA without John, so my activities are limited to an occasional Collegium dye class. The Trimbles are co-buying a 1913 Craftsman bungalow in Monrovia, CA, with daughter Lora and her husband, Jason. 2 cats and 2 dogs came with the deal.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Francesca the Bemused - Ray Montor, deceased 1999

Frank Herbert – SF/Fantasy Author – deceased

Frederic of the West Tower – “I understand that Fredric of the West Tower is still in Portland and shows up at events from time to time.” – Jerald of Galloway

Frederick of Holland - Fred Hollander - works for the University of California, Berkeley, still quite active in the SCA in the West Kingdom (Now retired from UC ...)

Frederick of Woodlyn – Fredrick Hendrick – “and his wife Baroness Lyndia (Linda) are still active and are living just north of Willits CA. They still maintain the Woodland medieval reference library.” – Paul of Bellatrix

Fulk de Wyvern - Ken deMaiffe - “lives in Oakland or Montclair, California (I believe) and still works for Kaiser Permanente.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Gerald Whitebeard – deceased

Geraldine of Toad Hall -- Geraldine Duncan -- Living in Wolfscairn now ... (June, 2011)

Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland – Gerry Stevens – “Next year (2001) will be 25 years as Baron Lions Gate. Developer and Producer to the Knowne Worlde of Rubber Band Guns. Working in the film industry as a props builder and “props person on set”.” – Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland
     Died of cancer, December, 2003. -- Hirsch von Henford

Gladi di Atori - Floyde Dudley - “our favorite “chocolate Scot” died of heart failure, about a year and a half ago.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Gregory of York – Greg Thill – “Still lives in San Diego. Is married or will be soon.” – Andrew of Riga
     “... leads Drafn, a Viking Warband from Califia, A teacher in San Diego.” – Robear du Bois

Hagen the Strong – “We lost touch with Hagen & Ruth shortly after he finished his math PhD at Stanford & moved to Pittsburgh, PA, though we heard that he had taken up Scottish bagpiping, as I remember.” – Robert of Dunharrow

Hal Ravn - Wilson Heydt - Lives in Albany, still active in the West ...
(Less active, living in Vallejo with his daughter, his wife, etc. -- June, 2011.)

Harold Breakstone – Clint Bigglestone - deceased - founder of DunDraCon ...

Henrik of Havn (aka Henrik the Dane) - Henrik Olsgaard, lives in San Rafael, CA.

Hilary of Serendip - Hilary Powers - “still mildly active, living in the apartment near Lake Merritt where she moved after the Oakland Hills fire, and freelancing as an editor.” – Hilary of Serendip

Hugh ap Llewellyn - Vernon Forgue – “First Greencloak Herald. Died back in the early 80's.” – Frederick of Holland

Iain of Cawdore - John Crowe – “John Crowe died in late 1993 or early 1994. We made a rush trip out there in the late Summer or early Fall to say good bye to him. Sad to see him go. He had a sense of humor to the end, but few would have recognized John due to the spread of the benign tumor.” – Carol of Bellatrix
     “... died in Ronaoke, VA in January of 1994 of a brain tumor. Rand of Dunbar organized a memorial tourney for him in Modesto (I think; somewhere in the Central Valley) that spring.” – Amanda of Cawdor

Ioseph of Locksley - Joe Bethancourt” - is still in Phoenix as far as I know.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
     “Still as crusty as ever, and pissed at the Board at the moment. More active in filk circles than the SCA for now.” – Frederick of Holland

Israel ibn Jacob (aka Mediocrates of Hellas) - Jerry Jacks – “Died of massive kidney failure around ‘84-‘86" – Stefan de Loraine
     “Died in 1986" – Astrid of Hawk Ridge

James Greyhelm - Jim Earley - “I’m living in a rented 80 acre estate on the Applegate River near Grants Pass, Oregon. I teach Physics and Astronomy at the Hidden Valley High School in Murphy. I also coach the fencing squad.
     “Verena and I divorced a few years ago, and I have since remarried (Viscountessa Estefania Ortega d’Santiago) and we have bought 4.3 acres near here - I will be setting up my shop again this summer. I still fight. I hunt, fish, drink and tell stories ... Life is good.” – James Greyhelm

Jamie of the Oakenshield – James O. Baker

Jana Seasgir - Jana Simmons - “I am currently living in Washington State, married to a great guy (a dedicated gamer) George Surplus (I kept my last name). I am working for the US Army making intelligent maps for a signal battalion and still fly my ancient Harris Hawk, he is 21 now.”      Died in April, 2003 of a heart attack. -- Hirsch

Janeltis Karaine Starfollower – the only Dowager Princess of An Tir, deceased

Janet Breakstone – Janet Winter – “living in Oakland with second husband Michael Sloan in semi-retirement after the two of them built Berkeley Game Distributors into a very successful business.” – Stefan de Lorraine

Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst – Richard Griffiths – “... is living in Northern California and still attending events.” – Kevin Peregrynne

Jay d’Argent (aka Jay of Argent) - Jay Silverstein - “is finishing his PHD in Archeology in Pennsylvania he is married to Alice Rasmussen, is an S.F. author who fought in the West. The film guys at the Cambria event contacted him about being in other films....” – Jana Seasgir

Jean de la Grand ‘Anse – See Ellen of the Gleaming Star (above)

Jerald of Galloway – “I’m still out there and playing all over the country (heavy into the equestrian part ot the SCA now), living in Caid at this time.” – Jerald of Galloway
Passed: September 19, 2007.

Jerry Pournelle - Science Fiction author, “As far as I know, he is still in the LA area making trouble in the computer industry.” – Maythen Gervaise

Jilara of Carrowlea - Jane Beckman – “I’m living in the Rose Garden area of San Jose, very active the past 16 years in Civil War reenactment, now getting into English Civil War. Still working as a tech writer, dabbling in “real” writing on the side (currently working on a couple historic cookbooks).” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Johann Heinrich Michael Simon von Wernigerode – Michael Siemon – “Computer guru for SIAC helping Wall Street keep track of its doings. Plays concertina in bands and dances English country and sword with local teams.” – Rima of Rockridge

John ap Griffin – John Trimble – see Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani (above)
     “John Trimble is looking forward to retiring soon.” – Robear du Bois
     “... has been a pollster for Gallup Organization for the past 10 years and retires in Jan, 2002. He plans to buy a small RV and travel with his short freckled person. Doesn’t play SCA any more, thanks in great part to the “southern hospitality” the Trimbles sustained whilst in Ansteorra.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Jon de Cles - Don Studebaker - “John DeCles is living in northern California (Cobb in Lake county), but is in Berkeley at Greyhaven at least weekly or so.” – Maythen Gervaise

Jon FitzRolf - John R. Edgerton. Still in the West. Living in Newark, CA. Working for Pacific Bell. SCA Archery Marshal until the end of 2000.

Josette de Chante Claire - “We should probably mention Wilowen’s ex-wife, whose usual muddle of “what not to do at feasts” graced this list in reminiscence. (I think she gets the award for repeating this one the most times, in the most different groups and time periods. Been there, got the gravy-stained chemise...) She’s living in Sacramento, happily married for many years to her current husband Fred Carter, who is the Corporal on my cannon in the National Civil War Assn, to which they both belong.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Karl vom Acht - Owen Hannafin - "died in July, 2000 of a heart attack or stroke.” – Edward of Southhaven

Karina of the Far West – Karen Anderson – “still living in Orinda, California” – Astrid of Hawk Ridge

Kerry the Rock – “Kerry the Rock lived for some years in an apartment 2 doors West of Toad Hall, but moved away some time ago. He is a jeweler, I believe.” – Robert of Dunharrow

Kevin Peregrynne - Phil McDown - “is living in Novato (Marin County) with Patti (see Patrice du Coeur Fidel below) his wife of 30 years. He is the Security, Safety and Disaster Officer for San Francisco Public Health. Less active in the SCA than they once were they still frequent participants in the local Shire of Caldarium.” – Kevin Peregrynne

Karl of Clan Colin - “I ran into Terrence’s old squire, last weekend at an event where I was doing English Civil War and he was doing WWII reenacting. He’s recently back in Berkeley, thinking about old times, and expressed an interest in this list ...” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Kathea verKaysc, Argo Ardral verKaysc’s ‘sister’ - “mundanely Cathy Minner (now Cathy MacDonald living in Eastern Canada).” – Kevin Peregrynne

Kathryn du Griffin – Kathryn Trimble – “Oldest Trimble daughter, is in Group Living with Villa Esperanza in Pasadena, participating in Special Olympics, learning food services, and is very happy. She will be remembered by event planners as an eager errand-runner, picker-upper, and amuser of children.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Kriemhild of Stonecroft – deceased

La Rana – Ginger Barnhart – “She and Richard were divorced some years ago and she is now living in Alameda working at a store who’s name I can’t remember but which caters to children. I still talk to her once a year or so.” – Steven MacEanruig

Liam MacMhuire - Bill Hodghead – “computer geek, living in Seattle not so active right now.” – Eden of Lionsguard

Lonna Animelia des Pines – Lonna Alexander – “Married, now living in Fallon, NV. Active in theater tech/costume.” – Edward of Southhaven

Lorissa du Griffin – Lora Boehm – “(daughter of John and Bjo Trimble.) She and her husband Jason are into Regency Dancing.” – Robear du Bois
     “Youngest Trimble daughter, and Caid’s 10-year-old Princess, has been married to Jason Boehm for 5 years. She does makeup and hairdressing for a small TV commercial-production company, and for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She’s pretty much out of the SCA. Jason works for Earthlink, and has never done anything SCA.” – Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani

Lorna of Leeds – Lorna Baker – see Douglas Longshanks above ....

Luise of the Phoenix – Luise Perenne (Perrin) - “Living in Orange County with her husband Stefan de Lorraine, still involved with fantasy artwork.” – Stefan de Lorraine

Mahie MacFergie – “Deceased as of a few years back.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Martin the Temperate – Martin Levita – “lives on a ranch near Oroville with his wife Wanda (Neptha of Thebes). He works for Visa, telling their computers what to do.” – Robear du Bois
     “.... living in Oroville California and working in Foster City California for Visa International. Has been doing data processing for nearly 25 years, currently running a department of 60+ technicians for Visa, specializing in message processing. (Currently inactive in the SCA, except for historical research.)” – Martin the Temperate

Mary of Tamar - Dr. Carolyn Reed - “Lives in San Jose where she is a practicing Chiropractor” – David of Illwheirlane

Marynel of Darkhaven - Marynel Hodghead - “Ellen & Bev’s daughter” – Hal Ravn
     “Marynel is still alive & kicking. She has retired from teaching & moved out to Hayfork (Near Humboldt, CA?)” – Eden of Lionsguard

Maythen of Elfhaven (now Maythen Gervaise) – Dana Kramer-Rolls - “Maythen has finished her PhD in Folklore and Anthropology, and is looking for work. They (Maythen and William of Hoghton) are still married (miracle of miracles!) and living in Richmond at the same old Hoghton Towers.” - Maythen Gervaise

Merewyn de Lyonesse - Susan Fox - “lives in Eureka, California; married to David Thewlis [Siegfried]; illustrator and wildlife painter.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland – “Living in Lions Gate. Married a former Kingdom of An Tir Constable and is the current An Tir Kingdom Constable. Has a Wedding Co-ordinating business.” – Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

Michael of Moria – Mike Reynolds. “I’m living in Houston, having moved here in 1976. I played with the Stargate group here for a while (til 1984). My daughter Sarah plays with the groups up around Eugene where she now is in college. My oldest boy, Mike, raised in the Society in Phoenix and in Houston, still works Octobers at the RenFair here.” – Michael of Moria

Michaela de Neuville – Shelly Mair – “She’s still married to William Gordon of York and (last time I talked to her) a technical librarian at Cutter Labs.” – Aja du Jardin

Neal Gyrfalcon - “is living in Idaho, he tells me that it’s Falconry heaven there. Currently he has two Saker falcons and a Goshawk, he sponsored me into Falconry in ‘79 so I try to keep track of him. He had a lot of stories about falconry in the early days.” – Jana Seasgir

Neptha of Thebes - Wanda Kendall-LeVita – “living and working in Oroville California (running a 60 acre ranch - Red Hawk Ranch.) “Retired” from data processing about 1991 and is currently successfully raising, training, and selling horses for dressage. Running beef cattle and sheep on the side. (Currently inactive in the SCA, except for historical research.)” – Martin the Temperate

Olaf the Maedi-Ogre - “I can vouch that [he] was in Fresno, mostly blind and confined to a wheelchair, but still getting out to occasional Mountain Man and Civil War events, as of last year. He died the last week of February, 2000.” – Jilara of Carrowlea

Patrice di Coeur Fidel - Patti McDown - “lives in Novato with Kevin and is the Director of Claims for the North Marin Chiropractic Center.” – Kevin Peregrynne

Patrice d’Cilla – “Married Andrew Smith (Andrew of Riga) on February 12, 2000 -- the 26th anniversary of their first date.” – Andrew of Riga

Paul of Bellatrix - Paul Porter – “is still active, lives in Mill Valley, and works for EDS as a project manager on their CSAA account.” – Paul of Bellatrix

Philip the Fierce – Philip Green – “Director of Special Events & Sponsorship [aka Parade Guy] for Holiday Channel, Inc. Created the Holiday Parade. Currently in Los Gatos riding the Internet rollercoaster, with occasional breaks to run marathons.” – Rima of Rockridge

Radnor of Guildemar - Dan Hunter -- still active in The West ...

Rand of Dunbar - Tim Dunbar - “is currently living in downtown Sacramento and is the California Outreach and Development Coordinator for American Farmland Trust, a national nonprofit organization. Rand is being enticed by Duke Douglas Longshanks and Duchess Lorna of Leeds to move with them to Key Largo (maybe a new Rieslingshire enclave in the everglades?)” – Rand of Dunbar

Randall of Hightower - Randall Garrett, Fantasy author, deceased (Dec. 31, 1987)

Richard Ironsteed – Rick Cook – “At the time of our 25th anniversary in Phoenix, Rick was living in Phoenix, writing science fiction. Haven’t heard from him in a while.” – Michael of Moria

Richard of Havn - Richard Mantegani - “lives in Novato with his the wife Kare. Both are active in the Shire of Calderium. Rick is a shift supervisor for Safeway.” – Kevin Peregrynne
     “Richard of Havn is an internationally known expert on Japanese swords (no, really) and is married to Kare the lovely or talented Aja du Jardin (aka Hallgerd Egilsdottir).” – Aja du Jardin
(See Aja's entry above -- she passed away from cancer awhile back ... -- June, 2011)

Richard of Mont Real (aka Richard the Short, Richard of Mont Royal, Aeginius) - Richard Barnhart – Richard is still living in Oakland.” – Steven MacEanruig

Rima of Rockridge – Sharon Green – “Co-author of various test preparation books [GRE, SAT-I, etc.] for Barron’s Educational Series. Teaches English country dancing throughout the East. Still writes occasional verse, including lyrics to “Joy to the World Wide Web.” Also dances with a Molly team.” – Rima of Rockridge
     Returned to the Rockridge/SF Bay Area in 2003, when Ruthven retired. -- Hirsch

Robear du Bois – Robert Wood – “... still comes to wars so he can hit the people who aren’t looking at him. He is an architect, and lives in Lakeview Terrace with his wife Pat (Kristin-Alfhildr of Trondheim).” – Robear du Bois

Robert of Dunharrow -- still somewhat active.

Robin Yrmweis of North Umbria – see Serpent below

Rodrigo de Cerdaña – Robert Coogan – “After he & Yolanda (Joanne) had their division, and she moved to the Los Angeles area, he continued with school and won his degree (Masters in Ed.?). Later he remarried very much outside of the SCA, and they moved at least twice, always staying in Sacramento. The phone book here still lists a Robert B. Coogan. I’m quite sure it’s him.
     “My last real contact with Rodrigo was about five years ago. Thereby hangs a tale.
     “A mysterious package arrived that day. It had a return address but the name was unfamiliar. Within, I found SCA paraphernalia, including a silver OP emblem. Who could it be? After some thought, I suddenly knew. A call confirmed it.
     “A bit sheepishly, Rodrigo admitted he had decided to cut all ties to the Society, and had sent his OP award (with a false return address) in hopes I could recycle it. He was adamant about not taking it back.
     “Sadly, I delivered the emblem to the Kingdom Herald, who agreed to return it to stock.
     “So I’d say old Bob is pretty firmly retired from our current middle ages. But he seemed quite happy with his new life, busy and productive. Bravo for him.” – Edward of Southhaven

Roger of Belden Abbey - Daniel Thompson - “Living in Dragon’s Mist, An Tir [Hillsboro, OR], on disability, waiting for a kidney transplant.”
(Passed away, June 25, 2011, Kidney Failure, ALS)

Roger the Norman - Roger Bergen – died of Spinal Cancer 2 years ago

Ronald Wilmot - Ron Simmons (Ronnie) is living in New Jersey and is still making armor and somewhat active.

Ruthven of Rockridge – David Green – “Library director, General Theological Seminary, NYC. Plans to retire 7/1/02 & return to North Oakland. Active in country dancing, photography, punning.” – Rima of Rockridge
     Retired, returned to the Rockridge/SF Bay Area in 2003 with Rima. -- Hirsch

Sabrina de la Bere - Robin Berry - “lives in Half Moon Bay, still active in the SCA and Land Fund.” – Sabrina

Sárkáyi Gerö - “Sharkey vanished when folks figured out he was a scam artist.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
Passed away: July 10, 1995, Heart failure

Serpent - was Robert Cook (aka Robin Yrmweis of North Umbria). He married Kathea verKaysc, Argo Ardral verKaysc’s ‘sister’ - mundanely Cathy Minner (now Cathy MacDonald living in Eastern Canada), they had a daughter, Elizabeth born after Serpent’s death, now attending College.” – Kevin Peregrynne
     “I can’t remember Serpent’s name but he was the scribe to the early BoD. Cathy (Kathy) used the SCA name verKaeysc as she was one of the original Berkeley High members of that extended family just as David Bradley was (Ardral Argo verKaeysc).” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit - David Thewlis. “Lives in Eureka, California. Married to Susan Fox = Merewyn de Lyonesse.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Stefan de Lorraine - Steve Perrin - “currently living in Orange Country and about to start a new chapter in his career in the game business at” – Stefan de Lorraine

Steven MacEanruig – Steve Henderson – “Still here and still around. I live in Concord, am married to Gigi (Tara Dwynyn) and have a three year old son, Alexander). Working at Kaiser Health Plan as a database analyst.” – Steven MacEanruig
Passed away: March 7, 2006, Stroke

Sumer Redmaene - Ardis Waters – see Ardys an Dearg (deceased)

Thomas O’Connair – Tom Conroy – “Still lives in his old house in Berekely and works as a bookbinder.” – Earl of Morris

Trude Lacklandia – “Living in Atenveldt and still active.” – Paul of Bellatrix

Verena of Laurelin – Virginia Earley – “Verena of Laurelin is living in Ashland Oregon. She is a business analyst for a large company in Medford. She is still active in costuming and cooking related to the SCA.
     “Alys and Lauriel (our daughters) are in school- Alys is entering High School, and Lauriel is at UofO, but is transferring to Portland State for her senior year. Both are Goths.” – James Greyhelm

Waldt von Markheim - Forest Lowe - “Lives in Concord, California, with his wife, Alison ...” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Walter of Greenwalls - Walter Breen - “... has been dead for a number of years now.” – Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

Wilhelm von Schlüssel – William Keyes – “Treble Clef Herald Extraordinary and author of this history, the West Kingsom Herald’s Handbook, and editor of the (unpublished) Authentic Medieval European Names book. Master of the Laurel and Pelican, former Vesper Principal Herald of the West and former Laurel King of Arms (wrote the first Official Rules for Submissions). Lives in El Cerrito, CA and married to Cynthia FitzColline - Cynthia Hilton. (Previously married to Annette of Faire Monte.) Member of DunDraCon, Inc. and founding member (with Cynthia) of Morley or Less, an early music quartet. Sang with the Oakland Symphony Chorus for any years. Mundanely a Mass Spectrometrist for the last 25 years, working with stable isotope tracers in human nutrition research for the USDA/ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center, now at the UC Davis campus. (Car pools with Gordon Monson [William of York].)” – Wilhelm von Schlüssel

William Allen – Bill Sander – “A Toad Hall fighter- he was an historian for Wells Fargo Bank. In 1989, a WF branch manager in Walnut Creek told me that Bill was who she phoned when she needed a stagecoach for a local parade.” – Robert of Dunharrow
     “I believe Bill was working on the Golden Hinde when she was birthed in San Francisco, and arranged for several SCAers to go on an excursion about the bay on her.” – Stefan de Lorraine

William Gordon of York – Gordon Monson – “Lives in El Sobrante, CA. Member of DunDraCon, Inc. Information Technology Specialist for WHNRC in Davis, CA.” – Wilhelm von Schlüssel

William of Hoghton - William Rolls - “William of Hoghton is retired and enjoying it.” – Maythen Gervaise (married to Maythen Gervaise/Dana Kramer-Rolls)

William the Lucky - Bill Jouris – “Living in Danville, CA (the town where I grew up . . . when it was a lot smaller). Working in San Francisco, improving computer performance for Charles Schwab, in order to avoid real work. (Real work is what people do on farms and ranches. Spending 8-12 hours a day staring at a terminal may be tedious some times, but it ain’t work.) Down to just slightly active at the moment – about often enough to help the efforts to remind some of the self-important that we knew them when.” – William the Lucky

William the Silent – John Freeman – “computer game developer/designer.” – Stefan de Lorraine

Wilowen of Stuarts - “I just saw him, his lady, and his daughter at the Collegium in Southern Shores, a few weeks back. They are still living somewhere up in the Sierras, and he said they’ve recently moved.” – Jilara of Carrowlea
     “They are active, and working with The Land Fund as well.” – Frederick of Holland

Description of this event, © Copyright 1980 by William R. Keyes (Wilhelm von Schlüssel)
This is from The History of the West Kingdom, Volume 1 (the only volume produced). When reading this text, please keep in mind the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This history may have errors in it, as much of the detail is “remembered” history, or as one of the cover pages of the original type-written manuscript states “The material within is derived from the information printed in The Crown Prints and in The Page, and from the memories of the participants.” The original document was typed on onion-skin paper, with hand-written notes (often in the margins). All attempts have been made to reconcile the notes with the original document.

Annotations, when they are added, are from The Annotated History of the West, Volume 1, which is the same text as Master Wilhelm's mentioned above, with commentary from members of the SCA who were active at the time of the event, and are added to help clarify questions and expand on what happened and why. This volume is copyright © Ken Mayer (Hirsch von Henford).

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