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50 Year History

The West Kingdom, being the first Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, has a long and illustrious history. For the SCA's 50 Year event (50 Year Celebration) the following items were created.

What was requested by the Fifty Year team (this particular project was headed by Countess Fernanda de la Fort, of the Midrealm) were two documents. One a timeline and the other a "History" of the Kingdom. The original discussion had been that the timeline would go into a booklet that all those who attend the event will receive, and that a CD would be included that had the full histories of each of the 20 Kingdoms of the SCA. Things change, and the goal now is that the full histories will be converted to web pages on a site designed for that purpose.

As the West Kingdom Historian, this was obviously my task, and I jumped into it. The following two documents are PDFs of both the timeline and History. The timeline was basically created after a nearly complete version of the full History, and a lot of detail removed. Copyright forms were obtained for the photographs, and so on.

Once I have a URL for the 50 Year history project, I will add it here as well. They have a team of folk who will convert the History document to a web page (I could do that, but this whole website gives more detail than could be placed in these documents).

June 17, 2016 -- Email from Countess Fern de la Foret regarding the histories includes:
"... However, I must warn you that there are some disappointments in the published copy. Due to cost and space issues, all of your careful formatting was transferred into ordinary two-column text, like newspapers. Your wonderful illustrations were also not printed in the event book. Even so, the history section of the book comprised 34 of the 135 pages of the event book. These histories are the most comprehensive part of the book!

"Your full-length histories, with all the original illustrations, are printed out and displayed in the History Hall, in the section devoted to each Kingdom. This is a good plan, to have them displayed with their proper Kingdom so that the members of your Kingdom will see both the artifacts and the history at the same location."

To say I'm a little disappointed would be true, but at least they're there. And you can see the original documents as I submitted them below. -- Hirsch

The Cover Page
First, the "Cover Page" artwork, by Mistress Robin of Thornwood, which is a rather spectacular piece of artwork. She is a very generous and talented woman, who put this together with very little notice, and carte blanche to have fun with it, and I got this back. She even sent me the original piece of work which is on vellum(!), and will be getting framed at some point in the near future:

Cover page artwork by Mistress Robin of Thornwood, OL

And next the Timeline and History documents:
  1. West Kingdom Timeline
  2. The History of the West Kingdom

Other Things of Note:
Female members of the Order of Chivalry -- there is some discussion of this in the history, but no definitive list. This is just the ones either significant to our history or those knighted in the West:

Note, Richenza von Augsburg (aka Richenza von Schlagen) was knighted in Oertha, December 3, 1994, and then due to circumstances we don't need to get into, had the title revoked by the BOD in 2005. This is noted for completeness' sake, and no other reason.

Female Sovereigns -- Following along similar lines, there have been a few times when a female combattant won a throne in her own right, although in the West, it has never been the Crown, but one of the Coronets, making themselves Princess by Right of Arms, and the person they fought for Prince Consort:

Principality of the Mists

Principality of Cynagua

Principality of Oertha

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