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Welcome to The West Kingdom History Project. This project is a place to help SCA members understand the history and traditions of the West Kingdom of the SCA, Inc. In addition, it is a place to see photographs, when they are provided, of people at events (putting names to faces, which is fun; seeing what people looked like way back when ...). This is a project that is intended to, and realistically should be, an ongoing project -- it should only really end when the King departs from His Throne, or death takes us, or the world ends. You know the drill. <g>

NOTE: This site contains thousands of photographs, and some artwork. The photographer or the individual who donated the photo retain the rights to those photographs. The artist who created the artwork retains the rights to that artwork. Please do not assume you can copy or use these for your own purposes, even if they are for SCA use. Get permission first! Anything else is illegal, breaking copyright law!

NOTE: You can upload photographs directly to the History site. If you wish to donate photographs, please see Submissions Guidelines.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page if you are concerned about copyright/photo issues ...

If you wish to send corrections for any photograph on this site, please send them to the Web Minister of the West Kingdom History Website (see Contact Information below ...)

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Drollery by Robin of Thornwood
Calendar of SCA Years
Pre-History -- The Origins 
Anno Societatis I May 1, 1966 -- April 30 1967
Anno Societatis II May 1, 1967 -- April 30, 1968
Anno Societatis III May 1, 1968 -- April 30, 1969
Anno Societatis IV May 1, 1969 -- April 30, 1970
Anno Societatis V May 1, 1970 -- April 30, 1971
Anno Societatis VI May 1, 1971 -- April 30, 1972
Anno Societatis VII May 1, 1972 -- April 30, 1973
Anno Societatis VIII May 1, 1973 -- April 30, 1974
Anno Societatis IX May 1, 1974 -- April 30, 1975
Anno Societatis X May 1, 1975 -- April 30, 1976
Anno Societatis XI May 1, 1976 -- April 30, 1977
Anno Societatis XII May 1, 1977 -- April 30, 1978
Anno Societatis XIII May 1, 1978 -- April 30, 1979
Anno Societatis XIV May 1, 1979 -- April 30, 1980
Anno Societatis XV May 1, 1980 -- April 30, 1981
Anno Societatis XVI May 1, 1981 -- April 30, 1982
Anno Societatis XVII May 1, 1982 -- April 30, 1983
Anno Societatis XVIII May 1, 1983 -- April 30, 1984
Anno Societatis XIX May 1, 1984 -- April 30, 1985
Anno Societatis XX May 1, 1985 -- April 30, 1986
Anno Societatis XXI May 1, 1986 -- April 30, 1987
Anno Societatis XXII May 1, 1987 -- April 30, 1988
Anno Societatis XXIII May 1, 1988 -- April 30, 1989
Anno Societatis XXIV May 1, 1989 -- April 30, 1990
Anno Societatis XXV May 1, 1990 -- April 30, 1991
Anno Societatis XXVI May 1, 1991 -- April 30, 1992
Anno Societatis XXVII May 1, 1992 -- April 30, 1993
Anno Societatis XXVIII May 1, 1993 -- April 30, 1994
Anno Societatis XXIX May 1, 1994 -- April 30, 1995
Anno Societatis XXX May 1, 1995 -- April 30, 1996
Anno Societatis XXXI May 1, 1996 -- April 30, 1997
Anno Societatis XXXII May 1, 1997 -- April 30, 1998
Anno Societatis XXXIII May 1, 1998 -- April 30, 1999
Anno Societatis XXXIV May 1, 1999 -- April 30, 2000
Anno Societatis XXXV May 1, 2000 -- April 30, 2001
Anno Societatis XXXVI May 1, 2001 -- April 30, 2002
Anno Societatis XXXVII May 1, 2002 -- April 30, 2003
Anno Societatis XXXVIII May 1, 2003 -- April 30, 2004
Anno Societatis XXXIX May 1, 2004 -- April 30, 2005
Anno Societatis XL May 1, 2005 -- April 30, 2006
Anno Societatis XLI May 1, 2006 -- April 30, 2007
Anno Societatis XLII May 1, 2007 -- April 30, 2008
Anno Societatis XLIII May 1, 2008 -- April 30, 2009
Anno Societatis XLIV May 1, 2009 -- April 30, 2010
Anno Societatis XLV May 1, 2010 -- April 30, 2011
Anno Societatis XLVI May 1, 2011 -- April 30, 2012
Anno Societatis XLVII May 1, 2012 -- April 30, 2013
Anno Societatis XLVIII May 1, 2013 -- April 30, 2014
Anno Societatis XLIX May 1, 2014 -- April 30, 2015
Anno Societatis L May 1, 2015 -- April 30, 2016
Anno Societatis LI May 1, 2016 -- April 30, 2017
Anno Societatis LII May 1, 2017 -- April 30, 2018
Anno Societatis LIII May 1, 2018 -- April 30, 2019
Anno Societatis LIV May 1, 2019 -- April 30, 2020
Anno Societatis LV May 1, 2020 -- April 30, 2021
Anno Societatis LVI May 1, 2021 -- April 30, 2022
Anno Societatis LVII May 1, 2022 -- April 30, 2023
Anno Societatis LVIII May 1, 2023 -- April 30, 2024
Anno Societatis LIX May 1, 2024 -- April 30, 2025
Anno Societatis LX May 1, 2025 -- April 30, 2026

How To Use This History

The Calendar:
Above is a listing of SCA years, currently ending at SCA LX (60). This is to give some expansion room, since it doesn't look like the SCA is going away anytime soon.
  1. If you are interested in a specific year, click on the link for that year.
  2. Doing so will then bring up a listing of all of the events that were listed in The Page for that year (and possibly some that were not ...).
  3. If there is a description of the event, and/or there are photographs from that event, there will be a link (blue text, underlined ...) for the event. Clicking on that link will bring up a new page with more information. (If you were at the event and have a good memory of what happened there, and would like to share, please do so ... your memories of the event may spur other people's memories ...)
  4. At the bottom of most or all pages on this site will be links to help you navigate around the website.

The Who's Who Section:
Clicking on the "Who's Who" link will take you to an alphabet list. Click on the first letter of a name you wish to look for. This will bring up a list of names.

Clicking on the links will take you to the individual photographs associated with the individual link. In earlier versions these links were to thumbnail pages, now you are taken directly to the photograph.

The Local Branches Section:
The main page for this is a list of branches. Clicking on the names of the branches will take you to a page with any historical information that is known about that local branch (we are always looking for factual information for these, if you were there and have useful facts about the beginnings of a branch, please share!), and the general location (information taken from The Page).

Arms of the Royalty of the West:
This is a place to see a Roll of Arms for all of the past royalty of the West Kingdom. This includes former Principalities as well as current ones. It's broken down into groups, as the number of images to download can really slow down the load-time of a page ...

The Silly Side/Artifacts Sections:
These work in a similar fashion to the others, just click on the link from the menu, and it should be self-evident what's up.

Much like others, links to specific scrolls in this case. The information is sorted by artist (Scribe) and then by award recipient ...

Arts and Sciences
Very similar in layout/design as other parts of the site ... This is a place to see various spiffy things people in the Kingdom have made ...

Bardic Arts
There are many talented songwriters/poets in the West Kingdom, this is a place to see the words that have been written by these gentles ...

Photo Credits:
All photo credits are given on the full photo page. The reason they are not on the thumbnail pages is that we anticipate that there will be multiple contributors for any specific event and/or "People" page ...

Under Construction ...:
It is expected that this site will be "under construction" on a fairly regular basis as photographs are submitted, etc. If you submit something and it doesn't appear immediately, give it a day or two ... (or longer, we may be on vacation or something ...).

Finally ...:
This site was designed with the idea that you may wish to print a page or two, and rather than playing with lots of colors and/or other fancy features found on many websites, this one is mostly in black and white (except for photographs, and some of those are black and white). Explanation of "Why Simple Technology ..." and nothing really fancy is used for this website.

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Questions, Suggestions, Help, Corrections ...

If you have a question, suggestion, or would like to assist with this project, you can contact Hirsch by clicking on the link below. It will bring up your email program. Questions can be about any aspect of the site, suggestions for improvements are definitely taken in the spirit they are meant, and help is always appreciated. As errors are easy to make, any corrections are cheerfully accepted, including broken links, incorrect information on pages ... (please provide details ...).

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Disclaimer/Copyright Issues:

This is not an official website of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., or the Kingdom of the West of the S.C.A., Inc. It was created for, and is used for the populace of the West Kingdom and the S.C.A. to see and understand the history of this organization. No profit is being made from this website by the web minister, or by the owner of the host server.

The photographs on this site are used with good faith that contributions were made with permission of the photographer. For copyright issues please contact Hirsch -- all efforts will be made to resolve them. All other contributions are from the person(s) who created them (specifically the Bardic pages, and the images of the royalty's arms).

As this site is not an official website, it does not fall under the S.C.A.'s "Photographer and Subject Permission Policy". Note, however, that the S.C.A.'s current policy is so close to the standard policy used by the minister of this website that there is pretty much no difference at this time. (From the SCA website:

Photographs and Portrait-Style Artwork
"Web pages containing photographic images or portrait-style artwork must contain a clear and obvious means by which the subject(s) of the image may contact the web minister to request the removal of any image in which the subject(s) appear. Should the Web Minister receive such a removal request the image must be removed from the site, or the image must be modified in such a way as to render the subject unrecognizable. Such modification may only be made with the permission of the copyright holder. If such permission is not obtained, the image must be removed from the site. Upheld (as revised) February 24, 2002 – Conference Call Meeting (II.B, remanded from 1-19-02 meeting, VI.G.3)" )

The web minister of the West Kingdom History Website's standard policy since the creation of this site is:

If you you are the photographer for a photo on this site, or if you are a subject of a photo on this site, and do NOT wish that photograph to be displayed here, please contact me and I will remove it. Note that this has to be a photo that you are IN or are the photographer FOR, or a piece of YOUR work (you can't ask that someone else's song be removed from the site, for example).

Credits: Credits are given for each photographer and each contributor, but they are not given on the thumbnail pages -- they are on the 'full photo' page.

Also note that credits on the Coppermine photo galleries (as of summer, 2012) are whatever are put there by the person(s) who upload the photos. There is a place to put the name of the photographer if not the uploader, but there is no requirement that this be filled in ... (you are encouraged to do so, however!). I would prefer that proper credit be given to the appropriate persons. The same disclaimer exists above though -- if it is your work, or you are in the photo, and you wish it removed, individual photos CAN be removed.

Special note: Kingdom Arms, Populous Badge, "Chicken Man" (and other drolleries), and Illuminated Title used here are by Robin of Thornwood, © 2010 Robin Dorn, created specifically for the West Kingdom History site, used with her permission.

Special Note: Video provided by Hal Ravn is accompanied by this notice:
Permission is hereby given to the West Kingdom History Project to use the contents of the DVD labeled "Hal Ravn, DVD-1" for non-commercial purposes in support of the West Kingdom History Project. This permission includes posting the contents to the Project sites that are part of the World Wide Web, and links to the material from other sites.

This grant of rights is non-exclusive.

Any copies of the DVD made for the allowed purpose, and any publically available access to the materials is to include the notice "Copyright, W. H. Heidt, 1977-2011".

All other rights are reserved to the copyright holder, except as may be granted in writing by the copyright holder at any time.

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Contact Information:

If you wish to send corrections for photographs, errors found on the website, etc., please send them to the web minister as noted here. If you wish to submit photographs or other items (bardic pieces, etc.), please visit Wishlist/Submission Guidelines.

The West Kingdom History Website was created by and is maintained by .

Website © 2000-present, Ken Mayer; Photographs, songs and poetry © 1966-present by the photographers or artists (too many to list).

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